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June 2018



Okay here goes (lol). Working within the framework of existing storylines.  This story is spread out over the course of two weeks or so, mingled with other stories.  The time-frames are not precise as this is just a rough layout of ideas that I haven't even fully thought.  Just writing as I'm thinking...


The only thing that would half-way interest me in the Jack startup story is if Jack convinced Ashley to partner with him (when a disgruntled Ashley decides that Billy isn't listening to her after he has discarded all her ideas). 


Meanwhile, Jill gets wind of this new venture and advises Billy to do what he has to do in order to bring both Jack and Ashley back to Jabot.  Billy, encouraged on by Phyllis, insists that he won't need them because their startup will flop.  Jill walks away irritated with Billy's attitude, thinking that perhaps her son needs to be brought back down to earth.


Together, Jack and Ashley decide, not only build out Ashley's discarded ideas for cosmetics but they also decide to launch a moderately priced line of cosmetics--which are basically "dupes" of Jabot favorites, including an updated dupe to John Abbott's first formulated fragrance Vive Riche with new and improved scent and packaging, with a cheeky name like Tojour Riche (Forever Rich), a play on the name of John Abbott's fragrance.


Desperate for investors, Jack and Ashley approach Jill about Chancellor taking a stake in the emerging company. 

Jill declines until Ashley tells her the one of the ideas was to revamp fragrances from the Jill's beloved Men's line. 

Ashley proposed this to Billy but he literally trashed it.  Jill is incensed but reminds Ashley that Brash and Sassy had that line and retooled it as Dare and Ashley reminds Jill that Brash and Sassy folded when Victoria returned to Newman, Jill correctly guesses that the proprietary rights are on the verge of lapsing and may be up for grabs. 

Ashley suggests that she can make "dupes" for the product but Jill wants her beloved Men's line out of Newman hands. 

They both look up the proprietary rights and it is Jill's suspicion that the rights are about to lapse is confirmed.

Jill leaves a message for Michael to meet her as she wants to file some paperwork. 

Ashley proposes that they partner 50-50 but Jill suggests that Chancellor might want full rights to the products to put out on their own.  Ashley emphasizes the need to revamp and update the products and haughtily suggests that Jill knows full well that Ashley is the best chemist to improve the cosmetics.  Jill agrees but Jill wants it publicized that this will be a revamped version of the original Men's line which she created.  Ashley suggests having HWG handle the PR but Jack, still stung by their rejection when he pitched the idea to them, rejects the idea.  Jill mentions a recent hire for CI's marketing department that she finds to be very impressive.  Jack and Ashley are both receptive to meeting her ( down the road--enter Shari Headley as the marketing executive).


Jill meets with Michael, who, on a promise of lawyer/client confidentiality, helps her to file paperwork to secure the proprietary rights to the product line that was once her Men's line for Jabot.


Meanwhile both Billy and Victoria hear rumors about Jack and Ashley taking meetings with investors for their new venture and both Jabot and Newman executives begin to worry.  Kyle wonders whether he should have moved with his father to the new venture. Billy wonders whether it's finally time to nullify the dreaded 'blood Abbott clause' and Victoria seeks more information on what products Jack and Ashley are working on.


As this new marketing exec meets with Jack and Ashley, all hit it off immediately and since investor money has been coming in, they decide that there is money in the budget to hire the new exec to marketing and PR immediately.   The first order of business is to set a launch date.


Curiosity getting the better of her, Abby decides to do some digging and discovers that there is a plan to revamp products that became a part of Victoria's Dare line.  A smirk comes across Abby's lips as Victoria enters the office to ask her sister what has her looking like the cat the swallowed the canary, to which Abby responds "You have no idea, do you?". Abby drops a hint about a new men's cosmetics line coming soon to shelves everywhere.


Billy enlists Traci's help to try to get Ashley and Jack to meet them over dinner to discuss repairing the rift but when they all meet, it turns out to be a pitch for Ashley and Jack to fold their venture and return to Jabot.  Jack and Ashley scoff as it's too late. 


Victoria tries to enlist Michael's help to try to send a cease and desist letter to Jack and Ashley as she has guessed it has to be them trying to use Dare as a blueprint for a new line of men's cosmetics and Michael declines her offer.  Victoria asks Michael if he's working for them and Michael only states that he hasn't met with either Jack or Ashley about Dare.  Victoria is suspicious of what Michael isn't saying.


Neil sees the new marketing/PR exec at the GCAC, offers to buy her a drink and proceeds to chats her up.  When he finds out about her PR background he states that HWG could use someone of her considerable skill-set.  As she is about to decline his offer, Jack steps in and says "Oh I see you've met our new head of marketing and PR".  Neil looks perplexed.  The new PR exec promptly thanks Neil for the drink, proclaims that "gentlemen, I have work to do" and proceeds to exit as Jack says that he'll see her at the office.  



At some point, Jill starts is getting impatient and after leaving texts, which Michael has mostly been ignoring Jill decides to "take the bull by the horns" and call Michael for a lunch meeting.  Michael, who does not let on who he's on the phone with, tells the caller that he already has plans with his wife as Lauren hovers in the background.  Michael can guess what it is about and believes that she could get the news that she wants soon, if only she'd exercise some patience.  Jill emphasized that being patient did not get her to where she is in life, ever.  As Lauren tries to ask Michael who he's arguing with on the phone, the doorbell rings and Lauren answers it.  A courier has her sign for a legal sized envelope.  "Michael, this says urgent".  Michael can barely get the words "I'll call your back" out as he hangs up.  He takes the envelope, opens it and examines the papers, briefly lets out a sigh of relief before looking at Lauren and saying "I'm sorry honey but I'm gonna have to cancel our lunch date".  Lauren rolls her eyes.


At the outdoor café, Shari Headley's character shakes Lily's hand and thanks her for agreeing to meet at such short notice.  The new PR/marketing exec explains that she want to use Lily's agency to find models for a campaign blitz for the launch of a dynamic new men's cosmetics line, although she cannot yet give many details, suffice it to say that it is a major upgrade of a once beloved line.  Lily furrows her brow.


Later, at the GCAC, Lily and Abby meet for lunch and discuss their suspicions that someone is revamping Dare and it won't be Victoria or Newman.  Abby thinks it is her mother and Jack. Lily mentions the meeting she had earlier with a very elegant yet sharp marketing exec that gave little details.  They both muse on how mysterious the situation is and how it may lead to a footrace between various corporations.


Lauren on the phone says "Michael just canceled with me again, how about joining me for lunch?" 


Hilary, Jack and the unnamed marketing/PR exec (ToBeNamed) sit down to lunch at the GCAC.  Jack notices Jill and Michael at another table.  Jack makes the introductions between Hilary and the exec, who takes the lead in the conversation and discusses having a segment that introduces some of new products before they go to market, to generate consumer interest, she presents Hilary with a gift bag of products, including some prototypes for what will be their men's line. Jack suggest that Devon try those out.  Speaking of Devon, Jack asks Hilary about who they can talk to about book a private party at the GCAC for a future launch party.  Hilary suggest that she can put the PR exec in touch with the club's manager.  


At the other table, Jill peruses that papers that papers with a thousand watt grin on her face. "Well that was fast!" Jill exclaims.  "Not fast enough for me", Michael says. "You practically called or texted me every day".  As Jill starts to apologize, she notices that Lauren and Paul have just sat down to lunch.


Lauren mentions how great it always is to meet up with her good friend.  She complains that Michael has keeps canceling plans with her and she's doing all she can to not become suspicious. Paul urges her to keep on that track.  Paul observes Michael sitting with someone whose face is hidden behind a menu. "Speaking of the devil", Paul gestures toward Michael's table. Lauren follow's Paul's glance and sees Michael sitting with someone and gasps.  As the waiter makes her way to the table, Lauren points to an item and asks Paul to order for her as she marches toward Michael's table.  Jill hands the menu to another waiter.  Lauren chastises Jill for arriving in town without letter her know and asks how long she's been her and is appalled when Jill tells her two weeks.  Jill tries to explain that there was a perfectly good reason why she wanted to be somewhat incognito and says that Lauren might as well know the reason why.  Michael pulls up a chair and Lauren sits, telling Jill that "this had better be good". 


At Newman,  Victoria and a team are busy on phones and computers when an employee puts a laptop in front of Victoria and points to a section on the screen.  Victoria gasps loudly as Abby walks in and asks what's all the drama about.  Victoria points out that Jill has reclaimed proprietary rights of her men's line with means that Dare, in its current incarnation is effectively dead.


Neil, Devon and Lily discuss and how messy things could get their suspicions are confirmed and Ashley and Jack have somehow gotten rights to Dare's line of products.  Neil is unsure how that's legally possible.  He knows some companies don't bother to get patents because of their expense but sure Victoria made sure that she held the proprietary rights to the products.  Lily thinks it's possible that Dare got lost in the shuffle after Victoria went back to Newman and became embroiled in a tussle with Ashley for the CEO position.  Neil and Lily start to discuss their respective meeting with the new marketing/PR exec and Devon wonders whether HWG will regret not being able to snag her for their PR company.  Hilary walks in and mentions just having had a meeting with her and that she is already meeting with the manager at the GCAC to discuss a launch party.  Neil remarks that this new exec wastes no time. Hilary calls Mariah and tells her they need to schedule a staff meeting about an upcoming show to tease some coming attractions for some products from Jack and Ashley's venture.  Devon marvels at how sharp the people behind this venture all seem.  He wonders aloud whether it be too late to try to buy a stake in the company.  Hilary proposes that if she can get in a joint stake with Devon and/or HWG perhaps she can help.


Cane is irate with Jill for keeping him in the dark.  Jill states that this her own stake and is separate from Chancellor.  She urges Cane not to worry as this venture, in no way competes with anything at Chancellor. Cane still sulks at having been kept out of the action.


At Newman, Abby announces that Victor wants to meet with them now.  With a smirk, Abby taunts Victoria for letting the ball drop.


Later, Ashley informs Jack that she has heard from Jill and the revamp of the men's line is a "Go".  Ashley and Jack are in an upbeat mood that this venture is truly coming together.



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