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DAYS #146: Anjelica makes a proposal to the Kiriakises, Kate crashes Gabi & Nick's date





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco


8fxuDEk.png NO1SJYT.png
Gabi steps into Club TBD, dressed to the nines in a form fitting "little black dress", her hair done up in a neat bun. Nick gets up from his seat at their table, in awe of Gabi's beauty.


NICK: Well, I have to say, I don't think I've ever seen anyone so beautiful in all my life.


Gabi blushes, looking down away from Nick sheepisly.


GABI: Thanks, Nick. It's good to see you.
NICK: You as well.


Nick jumps into action, stepping over behind Gabi to pull out a chair for her at the table, which Gabi immediately sits down in.


GABI: Oh, thank you!


Nick leans in close to Gabi from behind, causing Gabi to tense up slightly, as Nick attempts to be seductive with her.


NICK: Anything for my beautiful woman.


Gabi bites her tongue, wincing slightly as Nick kisses her on the cheek, before sitting down across from her at the table.


Gabi looks over at Nick, who can't help but stare. She smiles bashfully, as Nick leans in.


NICK: So...how's your day been?
GABI: Been good. I ahh...I have some news!
NICK: Ooh! Do tell! Sounds like good news.


Gabi smiles, nodding slightly.


GABI: I think you'll think so. I ah...I signed a modelling contract with MadWorld today.


Nick smiles, knowingly.




wK1rXOr.png PP3hz7S.png YtWN1ZI.png fHMJcKv.png XpzwY1b.png 8JqCj1T.png 7ibIBbw.png
In the Kiriakis mansion, Anjelica stands, drink in hand, before the Kiriakis clan. They sit in the living room, each with a mix of curiosity and skepticism as Anjelica speaks to them.


ANJELICA: I figured I should come to you all with...something of a peace offering.


Adrienne raises an eyebrow, and turns her head slightly to look at Justin, who looks back, just as skeptically.


NOELLE: Well, this oughta be good, Anj. Come on. Tell 'em.


Anjelica looks at Noelle, giving her a quick icy look, before slowly turning back to the rest of the room, a million-dollar smile on her face.


ANJELICA: I heard you've had a bit of a...shakeup at Titan as of late.
JUSTIN: I'd call it more of a shakedown, but yes.
ANJELICA: Well, not knowing much about the situation, I can't comment on which direction things are shaking, but...I do see this as an opportunity nonetheless.


Maggie sits on the sofa, arms folded as she looks at Anjelica, unsure what she's up to.


MAGGIE: An opportunity for who? For us? Or for you?
ANJELICA: Hopefully, for both of us. You see, I know that Nick Fallon patented a revolutionary alternative fuels strategy that Titan bought many years ago and sat on. And I think the time is right to dust it off, and make it the centerpiece of a new vision for the company.


Alex sits back in his chair, eyes darting back and forth as he reads the room, and the situation. Noelle looks squarely at Anjelica, trying to figure out her strategy. Maggie squints slightly, as Justin, Sonny, and Adrienne look at each other, bemused.




Qpowg4X.png C5cbJrD.png
Anita sits on her sofa at her remote cabin, as Brady sits at the computer, reading through the article on the Salem Spectator website. Anita reads through a trashy novel, as Brady, never taking his eyes off the monitor, asks Anita a question.


BRADY: Hey, Anita?


Anita doesn't look up from her book, still feigning reading, as she adjusts her reading glasses perched on the end of her nose.


ANITA: Yeah?
BRADY: You know those shares your husband bought in Titan?
ANITA: What about 'em?


Brady turns from the screen suddenly, looking Anita's way seriously.


BRADY: I think you need to sell them. Immediately.


Anita looks up from her book, stunned. She pulls her reading glasses off and looks at Brady with a frown.







SLDcIpu.png tLs5Hlt.png
Billie stands in the University Hospital lounge, her hand pressed to her cheek, as Kim stands before her, simmering with rage. 


After a tense moment of silence between them, Billie pulls herself together, and looks Kim directly in the eyes.


BILLIE: I hope that made you feel better.
KIM: You have no idea.


Billie sighs, frustrated by Kim's unending hatred for her, but trying to cool the flared tempers.


BILLIE: You know, I really hope that when Theresa wakes up, you and her can rebuild your relationship. I truly do.


Kim laughs quietly, disregarding Billie's words.


KIM: Yeah. I'm sure you do.
BILLIE: No, I really mean that, Kim. But I don't want that for your benefit. Your daughter cried to me...so many times that I can't keep count. Just wanting you and her to see eye to eye. She played tough, but...she really loves you, Kim. 


Kim looks down, her rage cooling off, as she listens to what Billie's saying, and begins to look down, almost through the ground. Kim fixates on the floor, as though lost in her own world.


BILLIE: She just needed something you weren't able to give her. She didn't want to burden you with her problems, and so she kept them to herself most of the time. I wish you could see that, and see that turning to me was...the only outlet she had that wasn't self-destructive.


Kim looks up, a drained, blank look in her eye. Billie stays trained on Kim's face, as the door to the lounge opens, and Daniel looks on.


BILLIE: I hope you can be her outlet one day very soon. Theresa wants that.


Daniel steps into the room, uncertain of the energy between Kim and Billie.


DANIEL: Ehhhh...you two okay in here?


Both Billie and Kim turn to look at Daniel, as Billie nods, looking down.


BILLIE: Yeah. Let's go.


Daniel looks at a drained Kim, checking to see if she's okay. Kim nods, knowing Daniel's intent without having said a word to her.


As Daniel and Billie head out, Kim sits down in the lounge alone. She breathes in deeply, as the door shuts behind them, and she takes in what Billie's said to her, beginning to sob quietly in her seat.




Anita looks on at Brady, stunned by his suggestion. she lays her book down on the table, as she sits upright from her comfortable position on the sofa.


ANITA: Sell my shares?
BRADY: You heard me.


Anita tries not to crack up at Brady's suggestion, though she still lets a laugh slip as she responds.


ANITA: Brady, I have had those shares for over twenty years. The dividends have helped pay the mortgage on this place. Why in the world would I want to sell them now?


Brady looks at Anita, deadly serious. his unwavering stare unnerves Anita.


BRADY: Because if you don't, with the way things are going at Titan right now? You could lose everything.




Nick nods approvingly at Gabi at their table at Club TBD, as T pours them both a glass of red wine. Gabi looks on, awkwardly smiling as Nick pays her compliments.


NICK: Well, I always knew you had what it takes to be one of the top models in the industry.


Gabi smiles half-heartedly, trying to seem bashful, but just feeling uncomfortable.  Kate slips into the club in this moment, immediately spotting Nick and Gabi on their date. She studies the situation closely from the doorway, careful not to tip anyone off that she's there before she's ready.


Gabi, meanwhile, looks down awkwardly at her wine glass. Nick barely notices Gabi's discomfort, as he continues.


NICK: I mean...those eyes alone...


Nick leans over and gently lifts Gabi's chin up with his finger, forcing her to look into his eyes.


NICK: I'm amazed there isn't a bidding war over you.
GABI: Well...


No sooner have the words come out of Nick's mouth than Kate storms over, seeming desperate to speak to Gabi.


KATE: Gabi, I'm glad I tracked you down.


Gabi looks up, seemingly shocked by Kate's arrival.


GABI: Kate. Wh...what are you doing here?


Kate plunks down a document and a pen on the table in front of Gabi, as Gabi looks down at it, then back up at Kate as Kate explains.


KATE: If you sign with MadWorld, you are making the biggest mistake of your life.


Nick looks on, pleased as punch at the turn of events, as Gabi looks over at him, then back at Kate.




Anjelica smiles as she stands before the Kiriakis family in their living room. Justin finally pipes up, uncomfortable with her suggestion.


JUSTIN: Ahhh....Anjelica...just speaking as a lawyer here...do you not think that this is just a bit of a conflict of interest?
ANJELICA: Justin, there is nothing in the world that is a conflict of interest if you know where the boundaries are. Now, I'm just speaking as someone with a campaign to run, and...I'm sure you'd all love some good publicity and some tax breaks. I mean...we all know the precarious situation Titan's in at the moment.


Sonny looks at his mother, who rolls her eyes as Anjelica drones on.


MAGGIE: And so, if Titan's in such a financial bind, what makes you think we can even afford to contribute to your campaign?
JUSTIN: Assuming we'd be foolish enough to ever actually want to do that.
ANJELICA: I'm so glad you asked.


Anjelica steps back to the armchair nearest to the doorway of the Kiriakis living room. She sets down her drink, and sits down, legs crossed. She looks prim, proper, and all fake smiles as she explains herself.


ANJELICA: You see, I know you've been having some great difficulty with a certain piece of property that you require for your latest energy project, and, provided I win the state legislature...I have the tools at my disposal to, shall we say, grease the wheels a bit?


Maggie and Adrienne look at each other, as Justin looks on at Anjelica, contemplative of her proposition. Sonny and Alex look over at their father, as Noelle studies Anjelica, trying not to crack a smile at her co-conspirator.




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