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Episode 2

Episode 2 Sami’s Apartment – “Wake up, sleepyhead,” Sami said, jostling Lucas. “Uh, what time is it?” he asked, blinking against the bright sun that streamed through the window. “7 AM – so get up please,” “Why are we getting up so soon?” “Because we have lots to do today,” Sami replied. “We’re supposed to help my family decorate the church for the wedding. Then we’re having a rehearsal luncheon,” she said. “And we have to pick up my dress from Bo and Hope’s. It was so nice o



Episode 1

Salem Fantasies A Days of Our Lives spin-off Episode 1 Salem University Hospital – Hope and Bo Brady joined hands as Dr. Willis walked into her office. She had told the Bradys to wait in the office while she went over the test results. “Doctor, please tell me I’m okay,” Hope said, her eyes watering. “I can’t tell you that, sadly. You are very sick. I hate to say this but you have malignant cancer.” Bo gasped and bile rose up in Hope’s throat, making her feel like she was going to throw



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