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  1. ahaha i <3 you. thats what i was thinking too but I dont care I luv her anyway. the fact that Mike and Cady are both considered is like...amazing. Ive loved them together for years and it would literally be a dream come true
  2. ahaha love this thread. i saw a link i thought itd be funny to comment. I ADORE Cady and God bless her. I wish i could pull off short hair, any color any cut like her. But sometimes its like WHY.... but i still love her.. I too prefer long hair. shes gorgeous tho. cant deny that!!
  3. honestly, im 20 but I LOVE the 30-40 crowd..mostly Tea Delgado. she's inspiring.. beautiful,strong,fierce, loving woman <3..FL is just AMAZING,i could watch her ALL day,she's mesmerizing. TSJ and FL are just super cute together, they have the best chemistry on the show!! TnTnD forevrr
  4. omg luvv ur avi and your banner TnT are AWESOME..only thing thats good on soaps right now..IMO :I

  5. im pretty sure SWTS was alrdy a show????... but good for RB
  6. what got me hooked to said soaps.. AMC - Dixie. i saw her and i was hooked.Then watching her n Tad made me even more a fan [so as you may assume,i dont watch that nemore ] OLTL - Tea Delgado [Manning] - she is kick ass i just LOVE her FL is AMAZING. I could watch her forever.. GH - SJB as Claudia.I was obsessed with that character <3 ATWT - fan of Cady McClain so i followed her there..but Julie Pinson got me hooked,stayed with it til almosst the end... But the show was just a good show all around,i thought..tremendous cast. PAST SOAPS Port Charles: Eve Lambert-Thornhart - AGAIN, Julie Pinson, i just loved Eve,thought she was a great strong woman, who knew what she wanted, did nething to get it <3
  7. omg im not the biggest CarJack fan lol..but your banner is AWESOME!!! I WAS SOO STOKED WHEN THEY BOTH WON!!!
  8. the first thing that comes mind when asked about WORST S/L['s] are ALL MY CHILDREN..... Doc in the box - nothing happened w/this he didnt really pay for it except feeling gulity..and really only very close ppl to him knew..esp Dix.. and POISON PANCAKES!! "killing" of my Dixie was THE WORST thing ive seen of this show.. OH and anything and everything involving KWAK..ugh..just ugh! leave alrdy! srsly
  9. havent watched the show in a WHILE but gotta bump the thread
  10. omg i used to LOVE this show when i was in Jr high/begining of H.S. LOL
  11. soo stoked for Julie Pinson..AND Michael Park & Maura West.what a night for ATWT.my faves on the show all won!!! <3

  12. I was ECSTATIC to come home and find out Julie Pinson won!!!! i think she had been doing phenomenal this past year..i think she deserved it. Im might be bias because i was already a HUGE fan of hers!!! Soo CONGRATS JULIE!! <33
  13. AMC: on and off practically my whole life ATWT: a couple years..i checked it out 03-05 bcuz of Cady McClain..recently 07/08-now when i can[Julie Pinson hooked me back to it] OLTL: 08- present but i know the history of it because of my mother. Ms.Tea Delgado is MY reason for watching FL is AMAZING GH: 08-now sometimes when i can..i mostly got hooked bcuz of SJB..LUUUV Claudia Y&R: i watched for a few mos..im not into it nemore.... Days: i watch it w/my BFFL she luvs it but im not into it nemore.. PC: when i was younger a little[i luved Eve] i watch old clips sometimes
  14. im watching this season sorely for AIDEN TURNER!!! wooo he's one sexy Brit..miss him on AMC!!