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ARTICLE: Rebecca Herbst Addresses ‘General Hospital’ Rumor Mill: “I Haven’t Been Fired, I’m Not on Vacation”


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Michael Easton, Rebecca Herbst, General Hospital, GH, GH ABC, #GH, #GeneralHospital

When Elizabeth became a patient of Shadybrook last month it resulted in less screen time for portrayer Rebecca Herbst on “General Hospital.” Since then, rumors have swirled online that Herbst had either been fired or is in the middle of intense contract negotiations with the daytime drama series, among other alleged reasons for her on-screen absence.

In a tweet on Friday, Herbst shut down some of the speculations, stating that not only has she not been fired, but she also isn’t on vacation and she doesn’t have Covid. She says, “Well, hello there…just thought I’d shut down some rumors that have been circulating: I haven’t been fired. I’m not on vacation. I don’t have covid. My kids don’t keep me from working. Nor do I have cramps (the best one yet). I hope you all have a great weekend! XOXO”

At press time, Herbst’s tweet has amassed over 1,400 likes, 220+ retweets and nearly 200 replies from fans.

One user tweeted in response, “So you DID join the Space Force Reserve! (It’s like the Army Reserve, but for the Space Force. But then, you obviously already know that.)” That tweet generated a “rolling on the floor laughing” emoji response from Herbst.

Prior to the Friday, June 17 tweet, the last time Herbst posted on the social media platform was in mid-May when she said, “I just finished reading all my sweet B-day wishes!! TY all so much for the beautiful flowers & dozens upon dozens of cupcakes I got to share with my GH family as well as my crew at home. And the #12DaysofBecky was a fun walk down memory lane…TY from the bottom of my heart.” Herbst celebrated her birthday on May 12.

In addition to squashing the rumor mill herself, Herbst was part of the official cast photo which was taken during last month’s taping of the show’s 15,000th episode that is now currently scheduled to air on Tuesday, June 21 following Thursday’s national preemption. Herbst was also photographed alongside co-star Genie Francis whose character plays a central role in the special standalone episode’s overall plot when the town of Port Charles rallies around Laura Collins.

Check out the photos below.

General Hospital, GH, GH ABC, #GH, #GeneralHospital
Cast of “General Hospital” Celebrating Show’s 15,000th Episode
Photo by Liliane Lathan/ABC
Rebecca Herbst, Genie Francis, General Hospital, GH, GH ABC, #GH, #GeneralHospital
Rebecca Herbst, Genie Francis
Photo by Liliane Lathan/ABC

Note: The post Rebecca Herbst Addresses ‘General Hospital’ Rumor Mill: “I Haven’t Been Fired, I’m Not on Vacation” appeared first on the Soap Opera Network website.

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