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DAYS: Daily synopses for 1968...40 percent complete!

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For daily info on episodes from 1965-1970 found so far, click here: http://www.jason47.com/days/synopsesearly.html
1/2/68: Bill reviews his courtship with Laura the day after Laura and his brother are married. Marie and Bill argue over Mark coming to dinner at the Horton residence.
1/3/68: Sandy has a blowup with her mother, Kitty. Tom tells Dr. Kincaid how impressed he is with his granddaughter. Dr. Kincaid relents and agrees to let Kitty stay in Salem.
1/4/68: The wedding of Laura and Mickey occupy much of the thoughts of Marie and her family. The scene shifts to Laura and Mickey talking about raising a family as they sit on the beach.
1/5/68: Mark meets Alice Horton for the first time. Alice begins to suspect that she knows who Mark is. Tom also has second thoughts about Mark's identity. Marie becomes more interested in Mark.
1/8/68: Alice tells Tom that she feels she has seen Mark before.
1/9/68: Bill learns Julie is planning to give the baby out for adoption.
1/10/68: Mark is evasive when Marie talks about his parents.
1/11/68: Julie and Alice discuss John Martin's suggestion and cruel plot against Susan is set in motion.
1/30/68: Julie meets with Janet and Scott Blake and agrees to let them adopt her baby.
2/9/68: Laura tells Bill that his behavior could be reported to the hospital.
2/26/68: Mickey and Tom discuss the results of an investigation of Mark's background. Tom wants to tell Marie about Mark but Marie tells Tom, instead, of her love for the young doctor.
2/27/68: The plot thickens as Tom notices a notation on a medical book written by his "lost" son, Tommy. Marie, meanwhile, is to have dinner with Mark that night and Tom wants to speak to Mark.
2/28/68: Tom is extremely upset by the similarity of handwriting between Tommy and Mark and urges that the investigation under way, to find out who Mark really is, be kept very confidential.
2/29/68: The plan this day is for Mark's fingerprints to be taken on a cocktail glass and sent to the FBI. Mickey carries out this part of the plan but does not know why his father is suspicions.
3/1/68: Mark's prints are sent to Washington as Tom is beside himself not knowing whether Mark is really his son, Tommy.
3/4/68: Mickey and Tom learn that Mark's fingerprints match Tommy's.
3/7/68: Mickey and Tom revive Alice, who then wants to go to her son.
3/8/68: Alice is still in some sort of shock. She can hardly believe that Mark is really her son.
3/26/68: Laura remains ecstatic about her pregnancy She tries to reach her husband to tell him the news but he is unavailable. Meanwhile Tom tries to reassure Mickey about his sterility test.
3/27/68: Susan, confident about her heart condition, asks Tom Horton's permission to take on a part time job. Dr. Horton says "no." Mickey's test results are in and prove he is sterile.
3/28/68: Laura learns that Mickey is sterile, so the baby she is expecting must be Bill's. Tom, meanwhile misunderstands Laura's disappointment.
3/29/68: Laura relives her personal tragedy — married to Mickey, yet carrying his brother's baby. She reaffirms her decision to tell Mickey she is pregnant and the baby is his.
4/1/68: Mickey is very happy on learning that Laura will have a baby, but he has not yet learned the results of the sterility test.
4/17/68: Research is done on Colonel Dubovik, who found Tommy in a Korean jungle and took him to Russia.
4/18/68: Tom and Mickey go to Italy, the last known place where the CIA had Colonel Dubovik staying.
4/19/68: Dr. Tufano informs Tom that Colonel Dubovik suffered a heart attack.
4/23/68: Tom saves Colonel Dubovik's life after he has another heart attack.
4/24/68: Mark looks for Sandy at her boarding school.
5/6/68: Bill tells Susan about Mark's identity. Kitty breaks a date with Dr. Kincaid. Sandy tells her mother, Kitty, that she has never loved her father.
5/7/68: Sandy gets ready to go to Salem to see her father while Kitty watches and hopes Mark will accept her as his wife. Laura, meanwhile, tells the family that Mark's amnesia is deep-seated.
5/8/68: Mark starts to see Sandy now. Laura starts to tell Tom about her baby, but loses her courage. Mickey is really happy about Laura's pregnancy.
5/9/68: Laura and Mickey plan a vacation before the baby arrives, but Laura is worried about telling Tom the hushed story. She vows that Mickey won't ever know.
5/10/68: Alice asks Tom to have Mark over for dinner as one of the first signs of accepting him as their son. Sandy, meanwhile indicates how much she needs her father.
5/13/68: Susan and Laura talk. Laura says she's feeling ill without telling Susan of her expectancy.
5/14/68: Mickey is delighted that Laura's condition is good. Mark has dinner with his family. Kitty is establishing her interest in Mark meanwhile.
5/15/68: Mickey tells his mother about Laura's pregnancy and Alice is overjoyed. However, Laura is preparing to tell Tom the truth about the baby.
5/16/68: Laura is pained to know that Mickey has revealed her pregnancy to Alice. She is on her way to tell Tom the truth when she runs into Bill.
5/17/68: Laura goes to Tom and tells him the truth.
6/10/68: Janet and Scott Blake discuss staying in Salem, since they have changed their last name to Banning, and since Julie would never recognize them or their baby. Meanwhile, in San Francisco, Julie thinks about the baby she gave up for adoption.
7/1/68: Laura and Tom discuss Bill's relationship with her after her marriage to Mickey. Kitty and Sandy continue to discuss Mark.
7/2/68: Bill has invited Marie to lunch. Later Mark tells Laura that he's not ready to resume his marriage with Kitty.
7/3/68: Kitty feels that she's forcing Mark into accepting her as his wife. Alice talks to Mark and pleads with him to reconsider his feelings about Kitty.
7/4/68: Mark agrees to go back to Kitty in order to be near Sandy, his daughter. Kitty agrees to accept Mark's partial love until they learn about each other again.
7/5/68: Tom and Alice are concerned with Sandy. Alice still hopes that Kitty and Mark will get together.
7/8/68: Mark, and his daughter Sandy, talk over the feelings of being a family again. Kitty is anxious about Mark's new interest in their daughter.
7/9/68: Tom and Laura talk over Bill’s interest in Laura’s expectancy. Bill tells his father he thinks the new relationship between Kitty and Mark won’t work.
7/10/68: Janet and Scott Banning get acquainted with Bill and Susan. Bill and Susan talk about Susan's deceased baby.
7/11/68: Marie talks to Susan about taking the drug which may correct Susan's heart condition. Mickey is happy that Bill has found an interest in Susan.
8/2/68: Susan finds Janet lying unconscious on the floor.
8/9/68: Scott meets with Judge Turner about finalizing the adoption for Brad.
8/29/68: Scott meets with a lawyer to ask how Janet's brain tumor might affect the adoption.
9/2/68: The judge tells Scott he can't finalize the adoption and awards him temporary custody of Brad.
9/9/68: Alice and Tom wish each other a happy 40th anniversary as they reminisce about the day they were married.
9/12/68: As the Hortons celebrate Tom and Alice's 40th anniversary, Bill and Laura are in a car accident.
9/19/68: Dr. Bailey wonders how harmful an X-ray would be for the pregnant Laura.
9/23/68: Susan rushes to the hospital, but Bill is not happy to see her. X-rays reveal Laura's baby may still be alive.
9/24/68: Bill favors postponing surgery on Laura for two weeks, to enhance her baby's chances for survival. But Mickey decides postponement would risk Laura's life.
9/25/68: Bill agrees to assist at Laura's operation. There is slight hope that immediate surgery will not be required.
9/26/68: Following debate, doctors still maintain the necessity of immediate surgery. Laura then shows signs of regaining consciousness.
9/27/68: When Laura comes out of shock, Mickey explains the circumstances. Laura insists on postponing the surgery for two weeks, so that her baby may have a chance to live.
10/14/68: Dr. Spencer and Bill cannot persuade Laura to have immediate surgery and she refuses to sign consent papers. Mickey's pleas for surgery fall on deaf ears.
10/15/68: Susan asks Scott's permission to leave Janet for an hour so that she can donate blood for Laura. Bill promises Laura that he'll try to save her and the baby.
10/16/68: When Mark spurns Kitty's romantic overtures, her thoughts turn to Eliot.
10/17/68: Eliot and Kitty have dinner. Tom and Mark are puzzled over Bill's maneuver to be alone with Laura before the accident. Laura's blood pressure drops and Bill tries to reach Eliot.
10/18/68: Kitty proposes to Eliot, and Marie and Sandy wonder why Kitty isn't home. Laura's condition worsens and Bill and Dr. Bailey plan to rush her to surgery.
10/21/68: When Eliot cannot be reached in time, Bill prepares to operate on Laura. Mark questions Kitty as to her whereabouts that evening.
10/22/68: Bill operates successfully on Laura, without causing her to go into labor. Tom sternly reprimands Eliot for failing to leave word where he could be reached.
10/23/68: When Mark questions Kitty's relationship with Eliot, she becomes very indignant. Laura regains consciousness and Bill tells her the good news about her baby.
10/24/68: Laura is surprised to hear that Bill performed the surgery, and expresses her gratitude to him. Mark asks Bill about Eliot's personal life.
10/25/68: Mickey tells Laura he has purchased the property for their new home. Bill accepts a dinner invitation from Susan.
11/7/68: Laura goes into labor.
11/8/68: Mickey is ecstatic when Laura gives birth to a baby boy.
11/11/68: Dr. Andrews announces that, although the baby was born four weeks premature, he seems to be fine.
11/12/68: Bill wonders if he'll be able to pretend to be the baby's uncle. Wanting to talk to someone about becoming a father, Bill tells a bartender he's celebrating the birth of his son.
11/13/68: Mickey sees the baby for the first time. Later, Bill visits the nursery but is told the baby is sleeping. Laura and Bill see a photo of the baby for the first time.
11/18/68: Susan decides she will bring up the subject of marriage to Bill that evening. Eliot consents to let Bill attend a surgeon's convention in New York.
11/19/68: Bill tells Susan he wants to discuss their future when he returns from New York. Mark's private investigator watches as a taxi arrives at Kitty's home.
11/20/68: Laura and Mickey make a decision on the baby's name. Kitty goes to Eliot's apartment as Mark awaits Jerry Barnes' call.
11/21/68: Barnes informed Mark of Kitty's whereabouts. As Kitty and Eliot decide to wait until after the holidays to further their plans, Mark knocks at the door.
11/22/68: After confronting Eliot and Kitty with utter contempt, Mark leaves to break the news to Sandy. Eliot and Kitty quarrel over their future. Laura sees her baby for the first time. Bill learns the baby's middle name is William.
11/25/68: Kitty complains of severe chest pains. Tom decides she should go to the hospital for tests, but Mark believes it's something else that's making Kitty uncomfortable.
11/26/68: At the hospital, Tom and Alice notice Mark's strange lack of concern for Kitty. Mark calls Eliot to the hospital, and questions him about his romance with Kitty.
11/27/68: Kitty is released from the hospital. Mark tells Kitty he wants her to file for divorce, and that Sandy must never know the truth about her mother.
11/29/68: Laura tells Tom she still wonders if Bill knows the truth about the baby. Mark demands that Kitty inform Sandy of the divorce immediately, since he wants Kitty out of the apartment that evening.
12/2/68: Kitty pleads with Mark to postpone the divorce until after the Christmas holidays. Mark agrees, but warns Kitty that his feelings toward her will not change.
12/3/68: Mark refuses to carry out a masquerade of happiness with Kitty, in Sandy's absence. Susan tells Laura about Bill's promise to discuss their future.
12/4/68: A baby gift from Bill stirs Laura's anxiety. Mickey is elated over the news that Laura can leave the hospital the next day.
12/5/68: Mickey brings Laura home to their apartment. As Mickey questions Tom about Laura's emotional behavior, Bill is on his way back to Salem.
12/6/68: Scott expresses fears for Janet, if Susan becomes a wife. Bill meets Laura and Mickey at the hospital, and reveals that he has decided to ask Susan to marry him.
12/11/68: Julie calls Tom and Alice and says she'll visit Salem for the holidays. Bill tells Susan that Mickey is sterile and that Bill is the father of Laura's baby.
12/13/68: Laura holds her baby for the first time.
12/20/68: Lou tells Julie he wants to marry her, but Julie says she needs to leave San Francisco and get back to Salem.
12/23/68: Julie reunites with Alice and Tom.
12/24/68: Julie asks Alice about Susan. Susan tells Bill she'll marry him once he resolves his feelings for Laura and Michael.
12/25/68: The Hortons celebrate Christmas together.
12/26/68: Scott meets with the judge about finalizing the adoption. Julie notices a Christmas card from the Bannings and asks Tom who they are.
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Thank you so much for all the DAYS work you do, Jason! I love having these recaps and was hoping daily recaps would be something you would add or be able to do at some point so I'm happy to see these.

Thanks! smile.png

Just found out recently about the newspapers getting weekly synopses in the 1960's and early 1970's. However, I've only found a few newspapers that actually ran them, and even those only did so sporadically...so while not anywhere near complete, at least we'll get a sense of what took place each month from 1965-1970. Then, hopefully the Daytime Serial Newsletter monthly run from 1971 will soon be found, so we can have monthly recaps for 1971-1975, which then will run into the monthly recaps (and weekly synopses) that daytime history fan Matt has scanned in for all the Soap Opera Digests from 1976-1990 (and soon to do 1991). And then Beth's archive has pretty much all the daily recaps from 1992-1996, and then Dustin/Soap Central/Early Edition/etc... have the daily recaps from 1996-present, so pretty soon we should be looking at this, just in time for the show's 50th anniversary:

Sporadic Daily Highlights: 1965-1970

In-Depth Monthly Recaps: 1971-1975

In-Depth Monthly Recaps/Weekly Highlights: 1976-1991

In-Depth Daily Recaps: 1992-Present

By the way, here's the main link for the summaries page, with links to all the different types of summaries available: http://www.jason47.com/days/episodesummaries.html

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I'll take sporadic daily recaps or monthly recaps over nothing at all.

I keep forgetting about Beth's old page and Dustin's (I was hooked on his recaps back in the day, they were SO thorough). Beth's old page was also a great source of information.

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