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Anyone have Verizon Fios?


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FIOS is great. I had a double-play package with I believe 15/15 mbs speed which was discounted ($65 before CA's numerous taxes) because Verizon forced me into switching to FIOS by intermittently dropping my DSL connection. The irony is that when I first heard of FIOS and wanted to get it, they told me it wasn't available in my area and might not be for awhile. Once they made it available in the area, they started a campaign to make it a FIOS only zone by wreaking havoc with DSL and then deciding not to do any maintence on the wiring.

In an 18-month period I had connection issues maybe two or three times. They gve me a nice combo gigabit modem/router which was a bonus. Besides the external wiring through the fuse box, they do have to mount a box on a wall inside.

I hate Verizon though. I hate their automated customer service and how you have to go through numerous prompts for the simplest thing. Push this for language, push this for residential, business, and every sub-category they have. When I moved they took over three months to send me a closing bill. They charged me close to $200 for service they didn't provide and a modem I never got. Once I finally got an accurate closing bill and paid it promptly, they referred my account to their credit collection agency. Hopefully I will never have to deal with Verizon again but FIOS itself is great.

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Well I switched. I was paying $48 for 15/5 (I think before) and now Im paying $30 for 25/25 with Verzon. I hate them too and a bad experience signing up for their service years ago got me to swear them off for life. But this deal was too good to pass up and Ive been dissatisfied with my ex provider

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