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Inside Soap's 2014 Preview


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I'll paraphrase this, as some of them are pretty short, while the EE preview has already been publicised. Hopefully some of it will be new for some.
- Stacey's return: "This will be unmissable." Kat will be pleased to see her; Ronnie & Roxy probably won't, considering she killed their abusive father. Will she still be in love with Max?
- The Carters: Shirley's, Tina's and Mick's father, Stan will arrive, along with their maternal Aunt Babe. They will unlock the Carter family history. Stan is a retired Billingsgate Market fishmonger who has been on his own for too long. Aunt Babe is a busy body who will be keeping a close eye on her manipulative brother-in-law.
- Shabnam's return: "Her recent past will be unpicked on her return - and it may be a lot for Masood and Tamwar to take in..." Shabnam has a secret; she won't take any nonsense from her brother or father.
- The Jacksons: Sonia will return to support Carol through her cancer ordeal. "It's Carol's illness, but Bianca, Sonia and David will go through hell, too." This could be bad news for Carol's current boyfriend, Masood.
- Lauren/Jake/Sadie: Sadie will work out that Jake has betrayed her. Kate Magowen (Sadie) has filmed her final scenes. What revenge will she take before she goes?
- DTC interview (already published): Stories for the Jacksons, Masoods, Mitchells and Sharon. The Beales will have a big story in Easter which will run until 2015: "It will shock, entertain, and hopefully make the nation weep." Ronnie will become a villain. Exploration of Shirley's character. The Carter's have secrets. Kat & Alfie needed to be brought down, in order to build them back up.
Coronation Street
- Roy: He will find Hayley's death difficult to deal with, and he will go missing. Tyrone and Fiz will be worried that he may doing something rash...
- Steve/Tracy: Amy tricks them into dressing up in Victorian outfits for a day-out at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry. Amy feels neglected and wants Steve and Tracy to herself.
- Sophie/Maddie: Sophie will fall for homeless Maddie, who may lead her down a shady path. Sally will not be pleased, as Maddie has previously stolen Sally's bag.
- The Windasses: Owen goes into business with Phelan on a mill conversion. Owen will take out a big loan to finance the project. Gary will be working on the project, too. Can Anna forgive Owen if it backfires?
- Chesney/Sinead: They will receive an unwelcome addition to their love nest.
- Dev/Stella: Stella will agree to a date with Dev, but will romance blossom?
- Todd/Marcus/Maria: Todd will try to split up Marcus and Maria, but Eileen won't stand for his games.
- Charity/Rachel: Charity wants to get Rachel and Archie as far away from Jai as possible; they are constant reminders that Jai cheated on her. "If we thought that setting up her own cousin [sam] to take the rap for Declan's arson was a low blow, what she's going to do next is truly terrible. Charity's plan takes shape after she blackmails poor Rachel into accepting an offer." How terrible will the consequences be?
- Brenda: Bob wants Brenda to get help for her grief over Gennie's death, so she attends a bereavement counselling session with Harriet, but it proves too painful to bear. Brenda later flees a shop, and realises she's accidently stolen a pair of tights, and decides not to return them. "Not long after, Brenda is in high spirits following a shopping trip in town..."
- David/Alicia/Leyla: David doesn't like having Leyla back, but Alicia wants what is best for Jacob. "The consequences could be disastrous if they can't keep Leyla under control."
- Priya: "Her family have noticed that she's not eating very much, but have put it down to her pregnancy. But, when she becomes more and more secretive about her eating habits, alarm bells start to ring." Could she be putting her life and the life of her unborn baby at risk?
- The Spencers: Ruby suffers a miscarriage, and the Spencers will be in for a tough time.
- The Bartons: There's a battle at Butler's Farm as Moira's family struggle to settle in.
- Harriet: Can she win round her reluctant parishioners?
- Grace/Freddie/Sinead: Freddie double-crosses Grace and she swears revenge. Drama unfolds on Freddie & Sinead's wedding day, as Grace reveals she's holding someone he loves hostage. Is it Sinead or Lindsey that he has to save? Will Freddie find a way of outwitting Grace?
- Sienna/Patrick: "There are skeletons in the Blake family closet that explain why Sienna is the way she is." Sienna's secret daughter whom she believes to be dead is actually alive. "Patrick's betrayal will turn Sienna's world upside down. As Patrick's home life begins to unravel, someone eventually discovers the secret he's been keeping. But who's in the know, and will they tell Sienna?"
- Darren/Nancy: They will struggle to repair their marriage. Nancy will need her family to help her recover from the brain damage. "But, when Jack realises cash is missing and finds a betting slip for that amount, all eyes turn to ex-gambler Darren."
- Jim/Carmel/Sonny: They will grow closer - is she falling for another Valentine?
- Ruby/Ziggy: She will catch him in a compromising position - but the situation isn't quite what it seems.
- The Turners & Willses: Lauren left Ramsay Street all those years ago pregnant with Brad's baby. "The truth about the secret child is set to rock Brad and her husband Matt, as well as all of their children." Will Lauren's marriage survive the fallout?
- The Teens: “After the teens head out to the bush on a camping trip in the spring, they’re caught up in a terrifying accident - and one of them might not make it back alive!”
- Kate/Brennan: Mark Brennan returns [again!]. Is he back to win Kate’s heart? With Ashleigh Brewer (Kate) leaving the show, perhaps Kate and Brennan will get their sunset ending after all…
- Paul/Rebecca: Paul’s nephew Daniel (son of Scott & Charlene) is on his way. “And there’s more trouble for Paul when ex-wife Rebecca shows up. Last time she was in town, she tried to kill him - is she back to finish the job?”
Home & Away (mostly aired Oz pace spoilers)
- Bianca vs. Montgomery: Mangrove River High merges with Summer Bay High; Bianca and Montgomery vie for the principal job. “Montgomery sets out to ruin Bianca by planting a bomb! But when it goes off at the hospital, there’s devastation in the community.” Bianca, Heath, Irene and Ricky are affected by the blast.
- Brax/Ricky: After Brax is banged up for murder, Ricky discovers she’s pregnant. “As she prepares to break the news to him, he stuns her by ending their relationship - will Ricky decide to go it alone?”
- April/Dex: They plan their wedding, but will they make it to “I do”?
- The Cult: Zac and Hannah think they’ve freed Oscar and Evie from the cult - until the twins’ dad Ethan returns and kidnaps them!
- Jimmi: He attends an OCD support group after making a pass at Zara, which triggers his OCD. At the group “Jimmi meets quirky Hermione, and is fascinated by her outlandish ways of dealing with her illness. But how will his new girls wild ways go down with his friends?”
- Rob/Karen: Amnesiac Karen asks Rob for a divorce.
- Valerie: She’s determined to get her feet under the table at The Mill.
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