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Most Judd Apatow movies are about women knowing their place, along with the usual anti-gay "humor" and reminders that real men are insecure frat boys.

So I read that he has this new movie, about women, that was part of a big marketing campaign by various feminist blogs and other sites asking people to see the movie to help support women in film. For this reason and other reasons, it did much better at the box office this weekend than expected.

Did you see it? Is it any good? Is it the usual Apatow garbage, with reversed gender roles, or is it different?

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Carl, it's not really a Judd Apatow film though he was one of the producers. It was written by Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo, and directed by Paul Feig.

Wow! It made 26.2 million over the weekend - expectations were in the mid teens! It over-performed bigtime. And it got 89%for Top Critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

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I thought Feig was one of his helpers.

So it was less reactionary and hostile than Apatow's work? That's good. I hope that it helps women in comedy. I don't watch SNL enough now to know that much about Kristen Wiig, but congrats to her.

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