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DAYS: June & July preemption news

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"Days of Our Lives" will be preempted nationally on Friday, June 4, 2010 for coverage of the French Open tennis semifinals, which will air from 11AM-2PM in all time zones. This will be the 283rd preemption in "Days" history. There will also be national preemptions on Thursday, July 1 and Friday, July 2 for coverage of Wimbledon tennis semifinals.

Airdate schedule through July 2010:

11336 MON 5/17/10

11337 TUE 5/18/10

11338 WED 5/19/10

11339 THU 5/20/10

11340 FRI 5/21/10

11341 MON 5/24/10

11342 TUE 5/25/10

11343 WED 5/26/10

11344 THU 5/27/10

11345 FRI 5/28/10

11346 MON 5/31/10

11347 TUE 6/1/10

11348 WED 6/2/10

11349 THU 6/3/10


11350 MON 6/7/10

11351 TUE 6/8/10

11352 WED 6/9/10

11353 THU 6/10/10

11354 FRI 6/11/10

11355 MON 6/14/10

11356 TUE 6/15/10

11357 WED 6/16/10

11358 THU 6/17/10

11359 FRI 6/18/10

11360 MON 6/21/10

11361 TUE 6/22/10

11362 WED 6/23/10

11363 THU 6/24/10

11364 FRI 6/25/10

11365 MON 6/28/10

11366 TUE 6/29/10

11367 WED 6/30/10



11368 MON 7/5/10

11369 TUE 7/6/10

11370 WED 7/7/10

11371 THU 7/8/10

11372 FRI 7/9/10

11373 MON 7/12/10

11374 TUE 7/13/10

11375 WED 7/14/10

11376 THU 7/15/10

11377 FRI 7/16/10

11378 MON 7/19/10

11379 TUE 7/20/10

11380 WED 7/21/10

11381 THU 7/22/10

11382 FRI 7/23/10

11383 MON 7/26/10

11384 TUE 7/27/10

11385 WED 7/28/10

11386 THU 7/29/10

11387 FRI 7/30/10


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    • That set was awful. I hated the architecture of the house too. The characters were a bust with the writers not knowing what to do with them. In season one there are several episodes where they are not even shown or they are given few lines. I guess they are the Chris & Tracy Partridge of Knots Landing....

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    • Thanks for all the info. I did not know about some of that. That explains when Sue Ellen did her movie, she did not include Pam. I figured she would have the them do the scene of when J.R. caused her to fall that caused the miscarriage or show the flashback of it. Victoria was right to leave if they were not willing to pay her the same rate as Duffy. She got screwed because of Duffy leaving and then he gets paid the big bucks to return. I have come to dislike the Bobby character somewhat. Duffy seemed to get more smarmy/hammy as the show progressed, especially after his return. I always hated how Bobby threw Pam under the bus where Jenna was concerned. Even in the first year, Bobby would drop everything for Jenna and then acted like Pam was being ridiculous when she was a bit jealous. They resolved Charly was not Bobby's in that episode, but then when Jenna returned, they started that crap all over again. I might have cared if Fairchild had returned to the role and it was better written, but Presley did not impress me enough to care about Jenna.  I also thought it was a mistake to kill off Kristin so fast. She could have driven story for years. Since they did kill her off, they should have had baby Christopher to really be J.R.'s and have Bobby and Pam keep the secret for years. Maybe have little Christopher start to exhibit devious tendencies as he started to grow up. 
    • I’m not watching but people are saying the Muchova/Sabalenka match is great.
    • I think we're nearer the tipping point where SCOTUS will have to finally be overhauled, tbh. It will take time but it's rattled the general public.
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