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Y&R:Day to Day Spoilers for the week of the 2nd

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Monday 1/2/06

Scott wants to be bait to bring Sheilah to Lauren's memorial service

Victoria's accepts Brad's marriage proposal

Nikki is puzzeled by Sharon's comments about Brad and Victoria

JT finds Mac with Kevin

Ashley tells Brad of her arrest and asks for his help with Abby

Tuesday 1/3/06

Lauren helps Sheilah breath fresh air

John does not remember the accident

Brad gives Victoria the option of changing her mind about the engagement

Nikki is upset by Victor's interest in Ashley's arrest

JT wants Kevin to move out

Wednesday 1/4/06

Lauren unties Sheilah

Michael surprises Christine by taking over Ashley's case

Sharon confronts Brad about his engagement to Victoria and his feelings for her

Victor tells Jack he wants to assit with Ashley's defense

Deveon reluctantly takes a letter from Lily for Daniel

Thursday 1/5/06

Ashley is grateful to Michael for taking her case

Lauren and Sheilah try to move a column

Gloria and Jack wonder how Ashley got a gun

Victor's praise makes Nicholas uncomfortable

Michael grapples with the idea of letting go of Lauren

Friday 1/6/06

Brad asks Victor not to exploit the situation with Ashley

Gloria questions Ashley's version of what happened to Tom

When debris falls on Lauren Sheilah helps her

Nick and Phyllis agree to keep their distance

Paul, at the farmhouse, hears Lauren's voice

***Seems that Mickey and Lauren don't reunite this week*** :(

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Thanks, so Michael and Lauren don't get re-united this week, but judging from these spoilers it's definitely going to be the week after :D I already saw Monday's show, and I loved Nikki's and Sharon's reaction to Victoria being engaged! Good to see Victor back i guess, even though I HATE when he's involved with Ashley in ANY way.

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