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ATWT: Spoilers for Wk. of 1/25


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Summarized by me from Soapcentral's spoilers...

Reid is placed under police custody after his wreck with Kim and forced to stay in Oakdale. With no other choice, Reid takes a job at the hospital and agrees to operate on Noah if Luke stays far, far away. Luke's heartbroken when Noah tells him Reid's ultimatum. Noah goes under the knife.

After losing Jack, Carly starts drinking again and tells Craig she wants to revive Monte Carlo, their old fashion design company. Craig agrees, but only if Carly stops drinking. Meanwhile, Liberty thinks the only reason he came back is because she's sick, but he tries to tell her otherwise. Liberty skips her treatment and runs into Carly, who hands her a job working at the revamped Monte Carlo. Later, Janet confronts Carly and tells her to butt out of their lives, and to keep away from Jack. Carly promises she won't interfere in Jack's marriage.

Meg panics when she finds out Holden and Molly couldn't get the dirt on Damian. She steals a posion-filled syringe, breaks out of Dearbrook, and surprises Damian in his bedroom. Damian strangles Meg and stuffs her in a trunk. Lily returns home and Damian finally convinces her to leave town with him. While packing, Lily finds Meg's lifeless body in the trunk. Meanwhile, Molly finally tells Holden the truth and he races over to Lily's. Once there, he tells Lily everything her husband has been up to; Lily counters by telling him what Damian did to Meg. Out of options, Damian grabs a gun and threatens to kill Holden if Lily doesn't leave with him. However, a very much alive Meg sneaks up on Damian and surprises him. Damian flees. Later, he pays Luke a visit and gives him control of Grimaldi Shipping. He tries leaving town, but Holden stops him and the two men get into a dight.

Paul finds Mick's stash of photos and angrily confronts him about his true identity. But before Mick can answer, Emily wakes up. Paul's stunned when his wife tells him she wants to continue with Mick's treatments. Little do they both know, Emily's mind is now being controlled by Mick.

The Hughes and Stewart families bicker over the upcoming nuptials of Casey and Ali. While Tom voices his lack of enthusiasm in his son's desire to be a lawyer, Barbara voices her concern to Susan about Mick and Alison's sudden closeness.

Next week:

Luke and Reid continue fighting.

Holden comes home with blood on his hands and later tells Lily and Luke that Damian's no longer a problem.

When Liberty gets in a jam, Carly helps her out.

Emily starts to realize that she's being controlled by Mick.

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Wait - did Damian just kill Meg?

Yeah, except, not really. Meg was "jus' playin'."

Make no mistake, though, we have officially thrown Damian under the bus for another (yawn) Holden/Lily reunion.

Meanwhile, who else thinks Dr. Reid Oliver's big secret is that he's really a she? Just me? Okay.

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