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OLTL SOD Summer Preview

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Summer Preview:

RC says that there are so many couples who are in a will-they-or won't-they scenario and the big question is, will love win out?

The Baby Story: RC says he thinks everyone's wondering who gets the baby in the end. The search for the truth about the baby has brought Starr and Cole together, so Starr is also wondering if giving the baby over to Marcie will destroy all the progress that she and Cole have made. When Jessica is finally forced to confront the truth that her baby died, what will it do to her psyche?

Todd/Tea/Blair/John/Marty: Tea's near death experience really has an impact on Todd. You'll see what has been predominantly a sexual relationship getting deeper coming out of sweeps. There are real feelings under the surface between Todd and Tea. With the dust settling from the KAD murder mystery, Marty and John also grow closer just like Todd and Tea, but John is still married to Blair. Meanwhile, the dynamic changes between Blair and Tea and Todd.

Gigi/Rex/Stacy: Stacy is trying to worm her way into Rex's bed and into his heart. Gigi is left out in the cold, except for the fact that she teams up with Schuyelr. They have different motives, but they share a common desire to get the goods on Stacy.

Clint/Bo/Nora: Nora's engagement to Clint seemeingly puts an end to any growing little thing between Bo and Nora, but Rachel starts to question her mother on why she got engaged to Clint and if she's trying to push away feelings for Bo. Greg, who is Shaun and Desitiny's brother and a doctor, shows up and gives the Buchanans hope for the first time that there may be a chance Matthew could walk.

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