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B&B's Brooke

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What I'm talking about is, has any other character ever given birth to two seperate generations of children. I don't mean one late-in-life pregnancy (e.g. Ruth has Joey Martin, AMC), but she had Rick and Bridget who are now adults and also has Hope and RJ who are children. I just feel as though Brad Bell has used the Brooke character as a big uterus to repopulate his canvas.

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BnB's Taylor had a child with Nick Marone, when her children were adults.

YnR's Victor Newman has children of all ages, with different women. Adam is supposed to be MUCH younger than Nick and Victoria. Sabrina's baby would have been an infant while the other three were adults.

Bo and Hope had Sean, who was an adult and had his own child when his younger brother, Zach, was killed.

Alan Spaulding has children of all various ages.

The Guiding Light's Beth has adult Lizzie and younger children.

Vanessa's children are supposed to be further apart in age. Dinah was a young woman when she found Vanessa - who later had Little Bill.

GL's Holly had adult Blake, when she later had Fletcher Reade's child, Meg.

GH's Tracy has Ned Quartermaine, and well after Ned graduated college had Dylan.

There are a number of other examples, as well.

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has anyone given birth to twi different generations of the same family via different members of said family like brooke WHOREgan? not that i know up.

She has rick & bridgett via Eric and then another kid like a decade later via Eric's son Ridge.

thats kinda sick. but it is brooke.

but now they are only a few years apart.

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