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OLTL Episode Titles and promos for the week of March 23rd

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From the OLTL page at abc.com for the week of March 23rd, here are the episode titles and brief blurb about this week's episodes:

Monday: The Little Match Girl

(The Cramers are shocked that Todd is suing for custody.)

Tuesday: Spring Awakening

(Blair wakes from her coma.)

Wednesday: Do the Right Thing

(Dorian wants to hire Téa to represent Blair.)

Thursday: Make Me a Match

(The day of Cole's arraignment arrives.)

Friday: Bad to the Bone

(Téa pulls an ace out her sleeve during the custody hearing.)

Also, a couple of OLTL promos are up http://abc.go.com/daytime/onelifetolive/index?pn=index (the video should come up on it's own aftert a quick commerical....the first is titled: "Big March." It features Starr, Jessica, Chloe, Natalie, Jared, Shane, Gigi, Rex, Stacy, John, Marty, Blair, Todd, Téa, and Lee's dead body. (This is the same one they had up last week).

The second promo is entitled "Buried Secrets Uncovered!" It features: Starr, Cole, Natalie, Jared, Chloe, John, and Blair. It is all about Starr and Jessica's babies. (This one is the same as last week too).

Also, afterward the Weekly Soap Scoop is up for 3/23-3/30 and is hosted by Melissa Archer with sneak peaks at all three soaps.

And there are two new spoiler pictures up at the OLTL page at ABC MediaNet for the week of Rachael Yamagata's performance at Capricorn on April 2nd. There are also a couple of new spoiler pics. for this week as well.

Link: http://www.abcmedianet.com/web/showpage/sh...amp;typecode=ph

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