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Eastenders spoilers from Diederick santer


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New Year, New Romance?

It's been a horrendous year for Dawn, who was almost killed by Mad May Wright and then tradically lost her fiance Jase Dyer. But one person who;s desperate to put a smile on her face is smitten Garry - could his dreams of winning her heart really come true?

"Dawn's the love of Garry's life, and he hasn't finished trying to get her yet," In the Spring, we'll see a major burst of energy between the two of them."

The Truth Explodes!

Now that we know that Danielle is Ronnie's daughter, we can't wait for the truth to come as one hell of an shock to the heartbroken mum to find out that her child is alive and living in the square... "This is classic Eastenders time bomb, and we're going to blow it up big style". Diederick promises. "There will be big emotional Eastenders fireworks. To see Ronnie reclaim her past and child will be exciting stuff. But i can't tell you when it will all be revealed".

Back Together!

They're put each other through hell in recent years, but that spark between Tanya and Max refuses to be extinguished. Over the next few weeks, we'll see the romance between Max's brother Jack and Tanya hit the rocks as they're both under suspicion for attemping to kill Max. And it seems this could lead to a shock reconcillation for the dysfunctional couple..."You can't keep their relationship down", smiles Diederick. "Tanya's recurring mistake is that she always lets max back in. It's just what she does! This time, she's tried really hard to keep her resolve, but we've all seen how magical these two are together...."

The Battle for Phil!

Forget handbags at dawn, there'll be nothing as sophisticated for Suzy and Shirley as they go to war over Phil, with both women determined to win his heart.

I love the spark that fly between Suzy and Shirley," grins Diederick. "They'll slug it out over this man and use every trick in the book to get him. It's quite scary, actually!

Secrets Revealed!

Preacher Lucas seems too good to be true after all, this is a man who used to be into drugs and violence. But now that he's thrawing the heart of ex-love Denise, we're set to discover that Lucas isn't quite the goody two-shoes he's portraying... "Theres are more depths to him - he has one or two secrets" shares Diederick. Any trouble between Denise and Lucas means Chelsea might lose her dad again, and Denise doesn't want to hurt he daughter".

Wedding Drama?

Queen Vic landlady Peggy is head over heels in love with fiance Archie, but we all know that he's a secretly a twisted philandering villian! Will Archie true colours be revealed before he becomes Peggy's third husband?

"The big question is:Does Peggy, or is he just with her to assert himself as the head of the Mitchell Clan?" teases Diederick, "That's what we'll be exploring either side of Christmas. At some point, Peggy has to understand what Archie's all about, but it'll be interesting to see if the penny drops before the wedding..."

Whitney's Revenge!

The shocking truth about Tony's sexual abuse of young Whitney will be revealed to a horrified Bianca by Christmas. So, how will the Jackson family cope with such terrible trauma - and who will lift the lid on paedophile Tony's treachery?

"This storyline is all about Whitney finding out if this situation for herself" explains Diederick. " There's a very clear message here, which is that children who're being abused need to speak out. I've seen those episodes, and i'm incredibly proud of them. I really think we do this story justice".

Broken and Alone?

New Mum Roxy is going to face the Christmas from hell, following her daughter's premature birth, the shocking revelation that Sean might not be the baby's father, and her husband's explosive exit. It'll be tear-jerking stuff...

"How will Roxy Cope with losing Sean? aske Diederick.

"He was her redemption, and vice-versa, so what happens when you take that away? Taking the lid off an character such as Roxy is so exciting because the audience will really feel for her".

As if that isn't enough, Roxy could be about to find out that her father Archie, is far from perfect, too.

"She's going to learn some things about her dad", Diederick hints, "But will she ever stop loving him?

Janine's back!

Janine returns, and she'll strike up an bond with Whitney as she settles into life chez Jackson. But how long will it before Janine goes off the rails - and will she take Whitney with her?

Single Stacey

Stacey will enjoy a carefree time as she gets back into the dating scene, but her strong bond with Bradley remains.

Can she really keep her distance from her ex-love?

Masood Mayhem!

We've yet to meet Syed Masood, but 2009 could be the year that he appears. What happened between him and his mum, Zainab, and why does he refuse to be part of the family?

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