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"The Gay Guy"


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This is a question for all of the gay guys on the board (and there are plenty of 'em!)

Okay, here's the question: does it annoy you when people always refer to you as "the gay guy?"

No matter where or when -- whether it's at work or with a group of friends, we all know that when we're not around or we can't hear, SOMEBODY'S referring to us as "the gay guy." Or, one of the first things that someone uses to describe you to someone else, it goes something like this: "His name is (name), he's 21... oh, and he's gay." Do we do that for straight people? Do we use their sexual preference as a personality description? Most people don't mean anything by it, but for the most part, it still annoys the piss out of me.

Anyway, just wondering... does this bother anyone else, or just me?

Meanwhile, I suppose I'm a bit of a hypocrite... because I usually use the term "gay guy" to describe myself, too, LoL.

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