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Soap Cruise 2009

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Hey All,

I am going on Soap Cruise 2009 www.soapcruise.com you can enter here: http://www.soaps.com/soaps-fun/quiz.php to win a free trip. Now, that being said, i went last year & am going again this year. last year i went w/some friends, but this year 1 of them is pregnant & the other is out of work, so i'm being very daring & going by myself. while i am super excited about going; i am nervous about being alone...it's not something i'm super comfortable with. so, i've trying to hit some boards to see if other people are going, so maybe i can chat w/them.

do you know anyone who's going? are you goin? i am really looking forward to it, i know i'll have a great time! i am trying to convince another friend of mine to go, she entered the contest, so we'll see.

hey, it's at least worth a free chance, right?

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