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The Westmore Family Honored with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Leron Gubler, AC Lyles, Michael Westmore and Marvin Westmore


Westmore Star


Marvin Westmore with wife Joy


Marvin Westmore with family


Michael Westmore with family


McKenzie Westmore with son Maddox



McKenzie Westmore, Keith Volpone and son Maddox


Michael Westmore with daughter McKenzie Westmore


McKenzie Westmore



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    • Of the long running cast, did Victoria Principal have the fewest changes to her center photo in the opening credits. Her center photo was the same from season 3-10. I'm sure Steve Kanaly and Ken had more. 
    • Surge of new (mostly younger and college aged) viewers flocked to ABC especially to GH. Yes Y&R was strong but expanding to an 1 hour and then the changing time slots stymied its progress. The same thing happened to All My Children. When Ryan's Hope premiered in July 1975, ABC gave RH AMC spot at 1 and moved AMC to 12:30. AMC's ratings slightly dipped and AMC's progress slowed. It was until January 1977 that AMC got its 1pm slot back and RH to 12:30 that AMC ratings got back to where they were and in April 1977 AMC went to an hour and the ratings went much higher.
    • You're so cute!

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      You apparently haven't read the 70s ratings archive thread.
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    • My guess is that ABC ended up getting younger viewers (high school and college aged) that didn't want to watch soaps that their parents watched (which were P & G).
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