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Are there any menbers with background in mental health?


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    • No, Jamey Giddens was responsible for the camp, Ron handles just the racist tropes.
    • Actually, @yrfan1983, I wouldn't mind if Michael Corbett returned to Y&R, but not as David, and only after Tricia Cast returns for an extended visit.  I'd want to see Nina's reaction to the newcomer who bares more than a striking resemblance to her late husband!
    • I agree, @Broderick.  What early Y&R and "golden era" ATWT held in common was an emphasis on the inner, emotional and psychological lives of its' characters.  On both shows, stories moved very slowly, because TPTB wanted their viewers to pay closer attention to how and why the characters behaved and felt the way they did.
    • Heavily rumored for maybe a year, but nice to have confirmed. @DRW50 Talk at the time suggested she was in the November specials, but I've no idea. What's curious is the question of how long she has been filming. I had heard last year she did the 60th specials, now it seems she has been sighted recently filming for Season 14 as well. Plus, there's this: RTD seems intent on regularly producing Who again, unlike some who shall remain nameless.  
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