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February 2001

Executive Producer

Ken Corday

Executive Prdoucer

Tom Langan

Co-Executive Producer

Stephen Wyman


Sheryl Harmon

Directed By

Phil Sogard

Written By

Tom Langan

Dena Higley

Dorothy Ann Purser

Victor Gialanella

Peter Brash

Paula Cwikly

Fran Myers

Jeanne Marie Grunwell

Sofia Landon Geier

Randy Holland


Joyce Rosenblad

Supervising Coordinating Producer

Greg Meng

Senior Coordinating Producers

Janet Spellman-Rider

Tom Walker

Production Coordinator

Debbie Ware Barrows


December 25, 2001

<b>Executive Producer </b>

Ken Corday

<b>Executive Prdoucer</b>

Tom Langan

<b>Co-Executive Producer</b>

Stephen Wyman

<b>Supervising Producer</b>

Sheryl Harmon

<b>Directed By</b>

Phil Sogard

<b>Written By</b>

Tom Langan

Dena Higley

Victor Gialanella

Peter Brash

Paula Cwikly

Maura Penders

Fran Myers

Jeanne Marie Grunwell

Sofia Landon Geier

Edwin Klein

Randy Holland

Gillian Spencer


Maura Penders

<b>Senior Coordinating Producers </b>

Janet Spellman-Rider

Tom Walker

<b>Coordinating Producer</b>

Debbie Ware Barrows

<b>Theme by </b>

Charles Albertine

Tommy Boyce

Bobby Hart

<b>Music Composed by </b>

Ken Corday

D. Brent Nelson

<b>Music Directors </b>

Amy Evans

Steve Reinhardt

Jonathan Firstenberg

<b>Production Designer </b>

Dan Olexiewicz

<b>Associate Directors </b>

Roger W. Iman

David N. Kohn

Julie Brady

D. Mason Dickson

<b>Production Associates </b>

Denise White

Suzanne Ray

Simran Sethi

Wendy Reeves

<b>Production Manager </b>

Elaine Withrow

Some Appliances Furnished by G.E.

<b>Property Master </b>

Robert Hayes

<b>Special Effects </b>

Pete Trzepacz

<b>Art Director </b>

Tom Early

<b>Assistant Art Directors</b>

Steve Nibbe

Jennifer Breuklander

Justine E. Mercado

Jessica DeVol

<b>Assistants to the Producers </b>

Nancy Lewis

Terry Ann Holst

Stuart W. Howard

Christopher Lewis

Larue Domingues

<b>Production Finance </b>

Cynthia Aamoth

Terri Lynn Doubet

David Potts

Mona Sakmary

Jeff Voorhees

<b>Assistant to the Headwriter</b>

Cydney Kelley

Renee Godelia

<b>Publicist </b>

David Sperber

<b>Web Producer </b>

Rick Draughon

<b>Stage Managers </b>

Joesph H. Lumer

Francesca Bellini DeSimone

<b>Casting by </b>

Fran F. Bascom, C.S.A.

<b>Associate Casting Director </b>

Linda Poindexter

<b>Casting Assistant </b>

Ronald Sperber

Rick Lorentz

<b>Costume Designer </b>

Richard Bloore

<b>Wardrobe </b>

Sherrell Cuneo

Jim Pfanner

Connie Sech

George Cooper

Donna Oberman

Sharon Nichols

<b>Makeup Artists </b>

Gail Hopkins

Nina Wells

Gail Brubaker

Deidre Decker

<b>Hairstylists </b>

Garry Allyn

Margaret Puga

Sheila Cyphers Leake

<b>Technical Directors </b>

J.C. O'Neill

Mike Caruso

<b>Lighting Directors </b>

Don De Simone

Ted Polmanski

<b>Audio </b>

David Cone

<b>Boom Operators </b>

Harry Young

John Woods Jr.

<b>Cameras </b>

John Sizemore

Michael Mecartea

Lew Friant

Cory Kimball

Helena Jackson

<b>Editors </b>

D. Mason Dickson

Lugh Powers

David Mawhinney

Schooner Darrow

<b>Post Production Supervisor</b>

Jennifer Whittaker

<b>Senior Video </b>

Brian Jorgensen

<b>Sound Effects</b>

Wendy Rotoli

Harry Young

<b>Electronic Maintenance </b>

Ron Hanff

<b>Video Tape Operators </b>

Ken Williamson

Jerry Berg

<b>Executive in Charge of Production </b>

Greg Meng

<b>Senior Executive in Charge of Production </b>

Gary Fogel

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