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Passions Timeline

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I've tried to construct a timeline of events that happened prior to Passions' premiere in 1999 based on what was referenced to on screen. For example, Kay, Simone, etc. graduated high school in 2002, making them born around 1984. And when the show began, characters made vague references to things happening "twenty years ago". So here goes nothing:

1936: Alistair Crane is born.

1937: Rachel Barrett is born.

1939: Katherine Barrett is born.

1949: Martin Fitzgerald is born.

1950: Pilar Lopez is born.

1957: Alistair Crane marries Katherine Barrett; Julian Crane is born.

1959: Sam Bennett is born; TC Russell is born; Grace and Faith Standish are born; Eve Johnson is born; Ivy Winthrop is born.

1961: Liz Sanbourne is born.

1969: Pilar Lopez marries Martin Fitzgerald; Antonio Lopez-Fitzgerald is born.

1971: Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald is born; Hank Bennett is born; Beth Wallace is born.

1977: Sheridan Crane is born.

1979: Vincent Clarkson is born; Chad Harris is born; Julian Crane marries Ivy Winthrop; Ethan Crane is born.

1980: Sam Bennett marries Grace Standish; Noah Bennett is born; Fancy Crane is born.

1981: Fox Crane is born; TC Russell marries Eve Johnson.

1982: Whitney Russell is born; Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald is born; Pretty Crane is born.

1984: Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald is born; Charity Standish is born; Reese Durkee is born; Kay Bennett is born; Simone Russell is born.

1985: Jessica Bennett is born.

1986: Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald is born.

1987: Alistair stabs Martin; Katherine and Martin disappear; Antonio leaves town.

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