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B&B: Sadism in the Afternoon

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Yeah, she became the Golden Girl at the end of Brooke/Deacon. But before that? She was pretty much roadkill most of the time and the promos were all about first pimping Amber and Deacon and then Brooke and Deacon's torrid love. And the screen time dedicated to those couples was enormous while Bridget mostly got to run around, be trusting and twiddle her thumbs. I fimly belive that she won her first Emmy mostly by coincidence because Susan Flannery liked her and directed her in the scenes where Bridget finds out about Deacon/Amber and Bridget has her car accident. Not because Brad expected or intended it.

Personally, JF will have my everlasting love mostly because after spending a whole year of playing Bridget/Ridge and Bridget being in luuuuuv with Ridge, came Emmy time she only submitted scenes of Bridget with Deacon from a mini storyline which lasted about three weeks on the show. Oh and won. :P

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