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Characters you once loved but grew to loathe and vice versa

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From Loathe to Love:

Belle Black. I couldn't stand Belle until Martha MAdison was paired with Jay Johnson. The Shelle pairings did nothing for me, and I was always pissed that she came out smelling like a rose during the whole Shelle/Shimi thing. I hate it when characters are canonized to make others look bad. I guess it was a combination of what I perceived as chemistry between MM and JKJ, PLUS the fact that Belle was getting called out on her crap (by Hope, of all people), that made me start liking her.

From Love to Loathe:

I LOVED Marlena Evans when she first came on canvas. Loved her with Don Craig, loved her with Wayne Northrop. Then, I quit watching for about 15 years or so, came back, and...........CAN NOT STAND HER. It's very rare for me to not find SOMETHING to like about a character, but she is one that I just wish would have stayed in Colorado, stayed in the coffin............I don't care. I don't care about her santimoniousness and the joke of a psychiatrist she is. Oh, man, there are a TON of reasons I don't like this character, but I don't have time to write them all out!

Feelings are Changing, but They're Not Extremely Strong (yet):

I kind of enjoyed Todd Manning when I first started watching OLTL last fall, even though I was one of those people in the minority rooting for Marcie. But now...........I can't stand him. BUT, there are glimmers of moments when TSJ is not doing his oogling moments where I can laugh at him.

Love to Love even though I should Loathe:

Dorian. Dang it! I can't dislike her. I can't love to loathe. I just get too big of a kick out of her!

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AMC: Loved Once Now Loathe-Tad. He played GOD and didn't speak up when he first heard about Bianca's baby. He buried a man alive and has no regrets what-so-ever. He thinks he's better than Adam.

OLTL: Loved Once Now Loathe-Bo. He's hasn't been the same since I don't know when. He's so wishy-washy.

Starr: Loved Once Now Loathe-She was an enjoyable devilish child and now because of Cole, she has been ruined.

GH: Loved Once Now Loathe-Loo-Loo Spencer. The 3 Stooges ruined her. She has turned into a shrieking-shrew and is unbareable to listen to.

GH: Hate to Love-Zander. Sigh. It me a long time to like him.


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Love to loathe:

Cassie Layne (GL) - I could tell right after NF took over the role, it was over. Cassie was already starting to get on my nerves when LW was in the role, but NF finished off the character for me. Can't stand her.

Josh Lewis (GL) - Pairing him with Cassie did him in. This PodJosh is not the character I've watched on my screen the last 20 or so years.

Harley Cooper (GL) - Another assassination by EW/DK. After her split from Gus and hussy panting over the greasy thief that was with her neice, I hated her.

Sharon (YR) - Can't stand her with Jack. Especially after defending him yesterday. Ugh.

Loathe to love:

Lizzie Spaulding (GL) - I liked Crystal Hunt in the role, and Marcy Rylan is about the same, IMO. But her pairing with Bill and friendship with Billy over the past year have redeemed the character IMO and now I absolutely love her.

Beth Raines (GL) - Like another poster said, couldn't stand the goody two shoes incarnation when she first showed up in Springfield. I don't like her with Alan, but I LOVE her with an edge. BC plays the edgy part very well IMO. From having the affair with Rick to telling Tammy that Jonathon is a virus that needs to be destroyed....I loved it and the turn this character has taken.

Nikki Reed (YR) - Being a casual watcher for over 10 years, I never got the hype with Nikki. I liked Victor better with Ashley to tell the truth. However, since faithfully watching now for little over a year I love her. Especially the last few weeks, she's one of my faves on YR.

Love and still loving:

Reva Shayne. 'Nuff said.

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You're missing the point schnookums.

Anyway, as for my GH stuff, since I'm running out of chillaxin' time, I'll just rattle off the names.

Loved then Loathed:


Carly (loved SJB, but TB and LW have ruined her for me).




Loathed then Loved:




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