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My Days Of Our Lives Storyline Idea

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Again I posted this over at another site as well. I love this genre!!!! Just want some thoughts on this:

You know I want Anna to start up Anna Dimera Designs again! That would be a great move for Anna. She could also open up her own store and run it. Maybe Stephanie or Morgan or Chelsea could work there. I also want them to find a way to keep Ava. Maybe she could be Anna's business partner or maybe her half-sister. No, it wouldn't be a surprise or for shock value, they could have just been avoiding each other or missed each other time after time. They could have a strained relationship.

Or I would have Ava to work for Victor at Titan or for Bella Cosmetics, maybe she could launch a new mgazine through Titan and if or when Brady does return, he and Ava could get romantically involved. Or maybe Justin and Adrienne's son, Victor Jr. could come and work with Victor at Titan and also help to launch the magazine. But Victor Jr. should be involved with some real seedy sharks due to gambling debts and alcoholism, which gets him badly beaten and almost killed, leaving Ava to tend to his wounds.

I would also like for Kayla to reopen the clinic down by the docks and she also continues to work at the hospital. Steve could find work with the Salem P.D.

Now some of you may not like this but I'm interested in bringing back "The Dragon" who is seeking revenge on Bo and Hope for foiling his plans when in England. "The Dragon" would be unrecognizable to Kayla and others, as he would be in "disguise." But he is getting treated at the clinic for his injuries and illness that he suffered from the shipping dock fires. Kayla feels there is something strange about this new mysterious stranger, but unsure what it is. She tries to find out information about him and who he is, where he's from, but all she gets from him is that he is visiting Salem with his wife. His wife just happens to be Vivian Alamain. But he does not disclose the name of his wife to Kayla. Everyone receives an invitation to a big masked ball being held at Lair Manor. Bo and Hope, Kayla and Steve, Victor decides to escort Kate, Mickey and Maggie, Trent, Max and Stephanie, Chelsea, Daniel, Sarah Horton, Nick, Morgan and Philip, Chloe, Sami and Lucas, EJ and Nicole, Anna and Tony, Marlena, John, Ava, Linda Patterson Anderson, Roman, Chris Kositchek and neice, Katie and Stefano attend the party. Abe and Lexie plan to attend but Theo has a violent autistic episode that really affects them and causes them to stay home to look after him. There are a few surprises at this party such as the return of Nicholas Alamain who was at one point romantically involved with Sarah Horton who was also romantically involved with Daniel Jonas. The Dragon lays very low at the party but has had some unmasked encounters with Bo, Hope, Victor, Kayla, Steve, Trent, Tony, Anna, Stefano, John, Roman, and Marlena. The mistress of the party has also been laying very low and has interacted alot with Marlena, John, Linda, Trent, Mickey, Maggie, Victor, and Kate. Sarah and Daniel have a brief confrontation about their past relationship as Chelsea looks from afar. She's not the only person who is watching as Nicholas Alamain watches from afar. Chelsea and Nicholas both witness Sarah slap Daniel and storm off. Nicholas goes to talk to Sarah but she receives a call from Lexie since she has now become Theo's doctor and specialist on Austism. Mickey and Maggie are enjoying the party as well, as Maggie notices that Sarah is upset. Maggie goes to talk with her as Mickey talks Roman about his new friendship with Linda. When Mickey goes to look for Maggie, he spots her out on the patio and sneaks up on her and plants a suprise kiss on her. But it turns out to be Linda who was very pleased and Mickey is not and shocked. The mistress of the party arranges for a secret meeting with Trent to discuss their business plans and Titan takeover from Victor and Philip. She also plots her revenge against Kate and once to bring her down once and for all. Kayla discusses with Hope about the stranger who she has been medically attending to down at the clinic. Steve and Bo discuss the masked ball and the mystery of the host and hostess of this party. Stefano meets with the masked stranger, "The Dragon" to talk about their new business deal which takes Stefano back to his dark seeded roots of the drug ring and underworld. But his return to the underworld is much bigger than anticipated, not just dealing with the drugs as that is a cover for a much bigger plan. John and Stefano almost come to physical blows in a heated argument. Stephanie stumbles upon a secret room that has many pictures and newspaper clippings posted on walls of Bo and Hope and is knocked unconscious.

Max witnesses the encounter between the mistress of the party and Trent and is intrigued to find out what his father is up to. Nick talks to Chelsea who seems to be very upset with Daniel and Sarah's altercation earlier and offers to take her home after she has a conversation with Daniel who brushes it off. Lucas and Sami argue about his relationship with Chloe and how she misses and loves him. Nicole tells EJ that she is pregnant. Ava and Nicholas have a flirtatious encounter. Stefano witnesses Marlena and Roman(Wayne Northrop) kiss. Chris and Kate share a dance but Katie disapproves and goes to find Victor to make him aware of it. The mistress of the party informs Anna that she loves her designs and wants to invest in her and Tony's fashion show. Bo and Steve get news that Shane has "died" in an mysterious explosion when investigating sme past connected cases in England. Philip who is torn between his resurfaced feelings for Chloe, admits to Morgan that he is falling in love with her as Chloe overhears.

Sandy Horton returns and works at the hospital, tending to a patient, but can't stop thinking about Chris Kositchek. Doug and Julie plan to reopen Doug's Place and considers letting Abby work there.

Have more ideas, what do you think so far?

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