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On Friday, December 28, 2007, Soap legend Tristan Rogers stopped by In The Zone to discuss his career, views on the writers strike and his views on daytime! I know there are some who didn't get a chance to tune in due to real SON being down, so I am giving the links here.

I think it was one of our best interviews, as we had enough time to really get into our discussions. Tristan was able to be really honest with his opinions, and even if you disagree with what he had to say, he said it. I hope those were unable to listen will check it out.

The interview itself lasts about an hour. Everything after that is DAYS discussion. Someone asked if we'll type a transcript.....yeah, we'll do it.

12/18/07 Streaming Archived Interview

In The Zone Radio Page (you can download the mp3 here)

Official In The Zone Myspace

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