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Showrunners and Daytime

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Do you think that show-runners should have a place in Daytime? I think it's usually a recipe for disaster.

I am referring to when someone acts as Executive Producer and Head Writer concurrently...

Ideally, a healthy writing process would have a sturdy EP to supply checks and balances to the HW. Otherwise, the HW/EP (if they're the same person à la LML or Brad Bell) that person has almost unchallenged creative control over the show, which means whatever they say goes to air... and even though BB may be interested in watching the tired saga of Brooke/Ridge play out as it has for so long... the viewers want to see a few more familiar faces aside from RM and KKL, and in the case of Y&R, it took awhile for LML to realize that there was a cast aside from Michelle Stafford... imagine that!

usually show-runners lead to characters being unnecessarily pimped and a lot of viewer angst... but what do you think?

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