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ATWT PreVUE: Week of December 10 Edition

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ATWT PreVUE: Week of December 10 Edition
Getting control at all costs

Sunday, December 9, 2007 6:37 PM| By Venus Stone

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) - A guilty conscious is the least of Chris' worries...

Bonnie ditches spending time with Dallas to hit the basketball court with Holden. Holden questions Lily on whether she signed the papers for their separation. Things become awkward between Katie and Brad shortly after love-making, especially when Katie tells Brad that regardless of what has happened, all he is to her is a friend. Carly realizes that things are truly over for her and Jack and continues to offer her help to get Katie back with him. Parker has an altercation with Sam, who accuses him of being mean to his mother and his siblings. Jack purposely prevents Carly from getting Metro's liquor license, but later changes his mind.

With the support of Noah, Luke begins to take steps in walking again. Luke suggests that Noah stay at the farm during Christmas break. Luke tells Noah that he thinks that he is ready to become intimate with Noah. Emma, not thrilled with the notion of Luke and Noah staying in close quarters, sets some serious ground rules for the two of them while he is there. Paul discovers Barbara's role in Will and Gwen's baby woes. Wanting the video tape, Rosanna pays Eli for it's return. Craig, seeing them together later corners Eli wanting to know what's going on. Meg is told that she is the carrier for Goucher's Disease, which could affect the baby if the father has it. Craig conducts research on finding drugs that can create miscarriages.

A guilty Chris tries his best to revive Bob and becomes determined to see after his care. Dusty becomes suspicious of Chris when he hears him telling the family that Bob had a stroke. Dusty soon takes his supicions to Margo by letting her know that Chris was the last person that was with Bob before he collapsed. Chris admits to Emily that he feels responsible for what has happened to Bob. Emily makes the suggestion that he step in for Bob by running the hospital. Kim insists that Chris become interim Chief of Staff. A livid Dusty doesn't like the idea of Chris having the position and Lucinda wonders if Dusty may have more information about Chris than he's letting on. Chris approaches Evan, informing him that he will approve their deal as soon as he's appointed C.O.S. Dusty, in front of Chris, busts him by telling Emily that he is very well aware that Bob never changed his mind about heading up Evan's project.

[Photo Credit: As the World Turns logo courtesy CBS

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