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Spice Girls Concert Reunion Recap


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Okay, so first off during the wait for the concert to start the DJ would play awsome music everyone got down to. When they put on Solja Boy everyone stood up and cranked dat. It was amazing. Anyways... oh wait, before i go on i must point out that 95% of people there were over the age of 20. Almost everyone had some alkie and that made it even better. And anyone there under 18 shouldn't have been. They didn't belong there.... so the lights go out and everyone screams. they play this video of little spice girls growing up and show headlines from newspapers like "Spice World #1" and "Ginger Quits!" then it fades out comes back and has a new headline "Spice Girls Reunite" and then bam, the screens move and the girls come out and sing "Spice Up Your Life". Then they go right into "stop". Stop was soooo good. That was my fave. Next was Say You'll Be There. They then talked for a bit before going into the uber boring Headlines.

This next set was sexxy. A picture frame type thing came down and framed the girls with the band. They started out with Lady is a Vamp (AMAZING SONG!). Well, then they ended up in these fitting rooms, with only tiny hearts, for doors. They stripped down as they sang Too Much. and srsly, it was hot. Ginger so worked out and was flipping her hair like there was no tomorrow. After that they did 2 Become 1. They were all hidden in these white angel type wing things, and then were strippers with poles.

This next part was interesting. It started out with a fashion show staring - the most FIERCE woman in the world - Posh Spice. Who do you think you are? played and she rocked it. Mel B. came out and sang some song i had never heard before, but damn! that was sexy. she had a whip and pulled a guy from the crowd and worked him over onstage. lol. Emma then came out and sang a song no one heard or cared about as well, but her set was amazing. They all then came out and sang Viva Forever, and at then end Ginger vanished and the other four sang Holler. After that a thunderstorm started playing on the screen and everyone was chanting "its raining men!" and sure enough, there was Ginger spice all by herself and she belted it out. Mel C then came out and sang a song no one heard of or cared about, lol.

Let Love Lead The Way was the first song of the next set. They then went into Mama, and everyone loved it. the video was so cute but sad and u could see the girls, now mothers themselves, holding back the tears. Then they sang a bunch of random songs like Celebrate & Thats The Way it is and stuff like that. they then thanked everyone and sang Goodbye.

Now was the best... the encore. All the HOT HOT HOT backup male dancers came out and danced to The Humpty Dance. I knew where this was headed... "if you cant dance" started up and the girls came out and rocked it. they were so on it and you could tell they were having fun. That transformed into Wannabe and this is the one EVERYONE screamed along to and was dancing a foo to. They then ended it with a reprise of Spice Up Your Life.

all the pictures are in a myspace album.

here are some pictures...

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Tishy u r very cool if ur hair is cut like Posh. lol.

Hookah... pretty much its dried tabacco rolled in fruit flavord molases that yiu put in this bowl and cover with foil, u poke holes in the foil and the bowl sits pretty much ontop of a bong type thing with a hose that coms out. cold water is put in at the bottom and hot coles are placed on top. lol. it sounds like a drug but its not, it doesnt do anything to you. its just relaxing and something to do with friend.

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