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OLTL PreVUE: Week of December 3 Edition

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OLTL PreVUE: Week of December 3 Edition
Guilt, lies, and blackmail

Saturday, December 1, 2007 10:50 PM| By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) - A death rocks Llanview.

Ramsey takes off after Simon, leaving John to try to rescue Marty and Cole. Marty pleads with John to save an unconscious Cole first. John and Cole are forced to watch in horror as the van goes over the cliff with Marty still inside. Jared refuses to give Charlie a second chance. Dorian overhears part of Jared and Charlie's conversation. Alone and considering himself a failure as a father, Charlie gives into temptation. Jared covers his tracks in front of Bo and Clint, who ask him to submit to a DNA test; Jared switches his hair sample with David's. The thought of Jared being her uncle leaves Natalie nauseous. News of Marty's death reverberates throughout Llanview. A guilty Charlie awakens on Michael's couch. Dorian becomes Langston's legal foster mother. Talia gives Antonio a chilly reception. John nearly strangles Ramsey, while Cole seeks revenge. Todd remains remorseful for what he did to Marty, and feels he doesn't deserve to be a father. Natalie is furious with Jessica and Nash. Renee welcomes Jared into the Buchanan family. Miles seeks comfort from Natalie. Blair reassures Todd. Viki returns to Llanfair. Back in Texas, Charlie is disappointed to learn Viki has left town. Nora and Dorian go head to head. David catches Dorian off-guard. Noelle knows more than she realizes. Blair sets Todd straight.

David demands the one million dollar reward money from Marcie in exchange for his silence. Michael and Starr are sympathetic to one another's situations. Marcie is forced to contact Michael for help. Michael's heart shatters as he tells Marcie he cannot help her, and that she must deal with her own problems. Not realizing Marcie's close proximity, Viki tells David that she feels sorry for both her and Todd. Marcie is stunned by David's change of heart. Gigi convinces Marcie to stay in Paris and work at the Bon-Jour Cafe. At Michael's, Charlie notices a picture of Marcie and tells Michael that Todd was looking for her in Texas. Michael skips his court appearance and heads for Paris with Charlie. Viki gives David a lottery ticket. Rex and Adriana are concerned to learn that Michael skipped town. Marcie's good fortune may be nearing an end.

D2D PreVUE's for the week of December 10
Monday: Cole may have someone's blood on his hands.
Tuesday: Starr and Langston pledge to protect Cole.
Wednesday: Viki and Dorian come face-to-face.

Photo Credit: Kristen Alderson courtesy Donna Svennevik/ABC

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Who knew that a soap opera could use logic in storytelling and plot progression? It's so nice to see OLTL's turn-around from being a stinker into what sounds like the only watchable (and logical) soap. It's one thing to buy into soap fantasy but it's another when we're forced to suspend belief. I'm just happy that everyone in Llanview--characters new and old--seem to have a part in a storyline and aren't just being pushed to the back or brought to the forefront when seen fit.

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