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AMC: SID Summary/Spoilers

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Thanks to Betty at Soapcentral

AMC hits the road!

AMC recently filmed at Bear Mountain State Park. CM explained that "Ryan's searching for Zach & Greenlee, & trying to bring down Richie."

Janet's back!

Kate Collins first appeared on 11/21, when Amanda visited her mom, & will appear throughout December. Janet's new meds cause her to have memory problems, & after Amanda confides her problems to Janet, Amanda is stunned when Janet responds:"Honey, you came to visit."

Set Your VCR:

11/19 - Kendall is afraid Greenlee has taken revenge on Zach.

11/20 - Zach & Greenlee realize there's no way out of the situation they're in.

11/21 - Richie covers his tracks, & on 11/26 is in control of Zach & Greenlee's fate.

11/27 - Jack & Erica argue over her plans to commit Greenlee.

11/28 - A delirious Zach lets Greenlee know how he feels.

11/29 - Jack & Aidan set out to find Greenlee.

11/30 - If Greenlee doesn't work w/ Zach, will she live long enough to be found?


Will Kendall find Zach in time?

Kendall suspects that JR is responsible for what's happened to Zach, & takes him to the accident site, where nothing jogs JR's memory. JR has his attorney get rid of his car, so there's no evidence to connect JR to the crime. Richie proves to be the quintessential criminal when he returns to the scene of the crime, but only to cover his tracks. Can Kendall figure out what's happened to Zach before it's too late?


Julia is going to become involved in a friendship that very slowly evolves into a relationship w/ someone surprising. AMC is also considering a new venue, such as a free clinic, for her to operate out of.


JQ DePaiva: Jason returns on 12/12 to offer support to Kendall.

Speak Out!

While some are warming up to Greenlee, most think she doesn't deserve Aidan...some worry that psycho Richie will be redeemed...The Kathy is Kate s/l needs to move along...

Readers' Poll:

Should Jonathan marry Ava?

92% No way!

8% Totally!

Up Close & Personal:

Jacob Young is looking into producing & starring in a play next year.

In response to the AMC fans who prefer Jily to Java, Jeff Branson says it's unlikely that Jonathan will ever choose Lily over Ava.

Standout Scene:

Erica goes to Adam for help getting Greenlee committed.

Sneak Preview:

Are Kendall's suspicions about Greenlee correct?

Richie does everything possible to evade the police.

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