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Remember when soaps...

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wrote storylines about serious topics that told a real good story with all the emotions that tug at your heart strings. Remember when they told stories that used the vets and brought out the best of their character. Remember when they told stories that showed true human emotion and made the character more complex as well as conflicted dealing with the situation. Remember when soaps told a real story of Breast Cancer, Brain damage, AIDS, Rape, Abortion, SIDS, Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, Domestic Violence(Spousal Abuse), Molestation, Down Syndrome, Racism and etc.

So I ask you now, why does it seem like their are no capable writers out there who can really write and tell these type of stories without making it a joke or leaving out the important details of these matters and really show how everyone is affected around them? Everyone always wants to say that those type of storylines don't interest people anymore or the days of that is gone, but I just disagree.

A great writer knows how to pull an audience in with serious topics like those mentioned above and really knows how to reach its audience and demographics all across the age spectrum. A great writer knows how to write this storyline and know that it will impact their ratings in a big positive way. A great writer knows that using the vets to pull these type of stories off will have people and fans talking. A great writer knows that if written correctly knowing their facts, using their facts, and relying on the history and strengths of their actresses/actors, that they have Emmy winning material on their hands! So I ask you why is it that there seems to be no one capable in the daytime genre of writing who can pull this off and give us back what us soap fans want-GOOD OLD FASHIONED STORYTELLING!

I'm tired of writers trying to do quick fixes. I'm tired of stunt writing that gets short term ratings success and then repeated stunt/plot drivel that belittles our intelligence. These networks constantly interferring and giving ultimatums need to stop. They are a big part of the reason why soaps are dying in ratings, their constant interference and need for younger demographics is what is killing the genre. They are either pressuring them to write storylines for younger characters for a demographic who is not really watching the soaps or who doesn't really care for the younger cast on soaps who would rather watch the older characters instead. Its almost a catch 22.

POINT-Soaps have always stood out! They were the first who took chances and risks, that raised the eyebrows of their viewers. Soaps were great at telling a continuous story that had twists and turns. Soaps were great at telling a social issue storyline that not only entertained us with outstanding acting and writing but as well as educated us on topics that we were not too aware or informed on. Soaps were fantastic at pulling out your own emotions of anger, sadness, happiness, admiration, and love. Whether you read a spoiler or not, it was how well the storyline was written and acted that pulled you in. Soaps had you rushing home in the afternoon, sitting on the edge of your seat, calling out from work faking sick, feeling that oh so guilty pleasure, and in some cases embarassed with the fact that you were addicted to the soaps. Soaps were our great escape to a make believe world that had us believing that those fictional cities and families actually existed. So I ask you: Why are our soaps dying? Where are those talented writers? Where are the soaps of old that we yearn for, remember, and hold dear to our hearts? Why are our soaps so unrecognizable?

This is truly food for thought! I want someone to send this to the soap magazines, they need to hear it, read it, and envision it!

Kafele Richardson

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