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July 1978

Created By

Agnes Nixon

Produced By

Joseph Stuart

Directed By

David Pressman

Story By

Gordon Russell


Sam Hall

Written By

Gordon Russell

Don Wallace

Peggy O'Shea

Lanie Bertram

Marisa Gioffre

Associate Producer

Charlotte Weil

Associate Director

Jack Sullivan

Technical Producer

Marty Gavrin

Scenic Designer

Charles Brandon

Scenic Artist

MacDonald Eaton

Costume Designer

George Drew

Lighting Director

Donna Larson


Jonathan Lory

Lisa Lombardo

Camera Operators

Thomas French

Al Gianetta

Eugene Kelly

John Morris

Richard Westlein


Herb Segall, S.V.O.

Joe Gonzalez

Kawes Filter

Videotape Editor

Al Forman

Walter Urbanski

Stage Manager

Raymond J. Hoesten

Makeup Artist

Dennis Eger

Jim La Fonte


Willis Hanchett

Roberto Donzi

Sound Effects

Bob Prescott, JR.

Casting Director

Mary Joislater

Assistant to the Producer

Barbara Duggan

Production Assistant

Kate Nunlist

Continuity and Research

Margo Husin

Unit Manager

Eve Eddo

Music Produced By

Aeolus Productions, INC.

Theme By

Jack Urbont

Videotaped at ABC Television Center

In New York

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