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Created by

Agnes Nixon

Produced by

Jacqueline Babbin

Directed by

Diana Wenman

Written By

Wisner Washam

Jack Wood

Mary K. Wells

Clarice Blackburn

Caroline Franz

Lorraine Broderick

Elizabeth Wallace

John Saffron

Associate Producers

Gaile A. Burnell

Thomas de Villiers

Assistant Producer

Terry Cacavio

Production Associate

Mary Harris

Associate Directors

Jean Dadario

Barbara M. Simmons

Technical Directors

Howie Zweig

Henry Enrico Ferro

Scenic Designer

William Mickley

Assistant Scenic Designer

Barry Robison

Costume Designer

Carol Luiken

Assistant Costume Designer

Richard Schurkamp

Technical Manager

Marty Slutsky

Production Coordinator

Matt Horner

Unit Mangaers

Patricia Nesbitt

Dick Reid

Lighting Directors

Bill Itkin

Don Gavitt


Fran Gertler

K. Tucker Bachelder

Boom Operators

Robert Theodore

David Gordon

Mark Johnson


Robert Ambrico

Robert Bellairs

Lawrence Hammond

Tom French

Trevor Thompson


Len Walas s.v.o

Stage Managers

Rusty Swope

Leslye Fagin

Videotape Editor

Roger Haenelt

Casting Director

Joan D’Incecco

Casting Assistant

Suzanne Ringrose

Production Assistants

Barbara M. Simmons

Phyllis Guarnaccia

Music Composer

Sid Ramin

Music Director

Teri Smith

Sound Effects

Barbara Wood


Sylvia Lawrence

Scott Hersh


Richard Greene

Robert Chiu

Music Supervision by

Aeolus Productions, Inc.

Videotaped at ABC Television Center in New York

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