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AMC: Greenlee the drunk

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Well well well it looks like Greenlee will be having her woe is me story to tell everyone after what she does and her solution to the problem will be to drink her problems away. Well you would think with all the people she has abused emotionally and physically in her life that she missed out on the alcohol before but now being the good little ippity bippity HO she is she drowns her sorrows with the bottle. I just bet that Greenlee once she is drunk will start seeing visions of Michael Jackson humping an old grandma and stealing her rinsed out dental floss. Good lord can't this woamn ever see a therapist for her problems? Does she think that drinking will solve her problems? She is pathetic. But maybe Josh can play doctor to help nurse her back to health. These days I only like Greenlee when she is with Josh. The rest of the time she is as useless as tits on a chicken

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