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PSSNS: Spoilers For Week Of July 16th

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From Canadian TV Guide

The Demon Elf manipulates Sheridan.

Tabitha lies to Julian.

Theresa collapses after drinking poison.

Paramedics rush to Theresa's side.

Miguel and Fox celebrate their love.

Fox apologizes to Kay.

Norma and Mrs Wallace return.

Jared overhears the truth about Little Ethan.

Endora saves Miguel from Spike.

The Blackmailer breaks down.

The Blackmailers identity is revealed.

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Miguel and Fox? LMAO :lol:

Did they listen to the fans who clamored for that last year? Wow...or is that a typo?

The rest sounds pretty good. Passions is traditionally good in July and, for that matter, all summer. Hopefully, it continues this trend as it moves to DIRECTV. I am happy to see quite a bit of payoffs coming. I just hope the blackmailer reveal is shocking and not predictable because I like this story. It's actually got emotion in it with the blackmailer being so hurt by being picked on and traumatized and I just hope JER continues to follow through with a good payoff to all this. I won't hold my breath but maybe he will surprise us this time.

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