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GH: Genie Francis in PEOPLE

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Genie Francis is in the June 11, 2007 edition of People Magazine which features Lindsay Lohan on the cover.

She speaks about battling the bulge since she was 12 and how people on General Hospital made her feel insecure about her weight. She was called "chubby" even though she was a size 2-4.

In the early 1980's, she became hooked on cocaine and alcohol. This substance abuse problem led her to leave the show in 1982. She got help and stayed sober for two decades.

In 2002, she was out of work and in London with her family. She started drinking again and had to enter rehab for 21 days. But she became a size 16 in the process. Although, her husband loves her the way she is.

According to the article, one of Genie's lows was not having her guest GH contract renewed last fall. " I went through the sadness and stopped dieting." This is after she hired a trianer to get in shape.

Genie will be weaing berry red for the Emmy's and is now the spokesperson for Medifast weight loss- program. She hopes to lose 30 .lbs and wants to "feel pretty".

Overall, it's an interesting read. Denise Alexander is even quoted.

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Oh my god!


I love this woman and it's a shame she had all of these problems :(

I love her just the way she is. She's stunning no matter what, IMO.

And I can't believe GH dumped her last fall -- again. Actually ... I can. They used her for sweeps and ratings and then dumped her. She really should tell them to kiss her behind.

I pray to the heavens she comes back with Tony after his vacation but I'm not getting my hopes up. I cannot wait to see her at the Emmys.

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That's how I felt after reading the article too.

Genie has overcome a lot and I'm happy that she's in a good place.

GH can kiss her ass! They made it seem like she didn't want to stay with the show, but they bend over ackwards to keep leser performers.

I'm going to try and scan the article.

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