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ATWT: I Met Jennifer Ferrin (ex-Jennifer Munson)

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So while on the filming for SpikeTV's new controversial, action packed TV show "The Kill Point," I ran into a former daytime soap star. I play a firefighter but little did I know that someone who has a slightly bigger role in the show came walking past me.

"Excuse me Miss Ferrin?" I asked.

Sort of caught off guard she asks, "Yes?"

"I'm a big fan of your work and I think you should have won the daytime emmy!" I say with a smile.

She thanks me and turns back to her work. In this production she has blond hair and is wearing a poka dotted dress. When it came time to film, a lucky SWAT member, got to escort her to a car. She was tearing up and crying like crazy (in character of course) which shows that the girl still has it!

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