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This is a new game in which you will give clues to a movie and the person tries to figure out the movie.

Once you have the correct movie, you will them post clues. Try and give at least 3 or 4 clues.

This was a 80's slasher

Judy was the bitch of the movie

It took place at a camp

The main character had a very big secret.

There was a character named Aunt Martha

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Sleepaway Camp

Here is mine:

1. The main character of this film graduated from Princeton University

2. One famous line in the film is "God must have been a painter" (or something along those lines)

3. The film won 4 Oscars including Best Picture

4. We see a character win the Nobel Prize

5. An actor from The Sound of Music plays a psychiatrist in this movie

What is it?

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