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Why was my post merged into another one?


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This morning I started a thread entitled "Monday's GH makes me Love & Hate" (or something like that) in DTS. As a long-time fan of GH, I just wanted to write my views on yesterday's show. Anyhoo, the post got v. long with pictures and stuff, but I guess I just needed to get it ALL OUT. :lol:

Anyhoo, I know you don't want multiple threads all on the same topic... but since there are many threads on, say, Days (including 2 or 3 on its 40th Anniversary alone) and only one other on GH asking what happened in the first 20 (pre-empted) minutes of the show, I thought my post could pass as a second post on GH. I guess not, because it got randomly dumped into the thread about What Happened During The First 20 Minutes of GH.

I'm trying not to get angry because I know it's just a dumb post by me but I have to say... it sort of looks weird and REALLY random and out-of-place in the middle of that other thread. I mean, if you have a problem with the post by itself, just let me know - I can modify it or you can delete my post or whatever. But it looks so odd to be lumping ANY and EVERY post about GH in one single thread where others are talking about another aspect of the show and (probably) thinking "WTF is with this random and long-ass post?"

I don't mean to sound all Snotty and "My Post is SO Important" and Pissy. Honestly. I just was... surprised when I saw this and wanted to know the reasoning behind this.


-Cat B)

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No Cat, I'm sorry.

I changed the topic of my thread to the "GH: 11/7/05 Discussion Thread) because since people were talking about what went on during GH yesterday that I might as well let them know that's where they could do it. If you'd like, I can split the topic for you. And yes, you're right about the multiple topics for the other shows. I'll be merging them too.

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