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DAYS: Sami's Wedding Gifts

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It's the final week to vote for what Sami will receive on her wedding day. It's Kayla's turn to present somethin green. I voted for the shamrock because I think it'll be cute to see Kayla and Hope talking privately, saying how Sami's going to need all the luck she can get. :lol:

How did everyone vote? Here's my choices:

Caroline - woolen rings

Hope - ornament

Marlena - rose pin (Sami is the rose in John and Marlena's bouquet, nice nod to history)

Chelsea - blue hankie

Kayla - shamrock

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I went with all the same Drew except I went with the lavender for Kayla's gift. I honestly didn't know what to pick for Kayla's gift so I closed my eyes and just picked one :lol: .

I can't wait for this wedding though. The month of April has been good but I really think the wedding will be the big turning point for Days.

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Caroline - woolen rings (i really dont know...)

Hope - ornament (welcome to the horton family.. tho why is it hope not maggie?)

Marlena - rose pin (its nice looking and can see it being a touching moment)

Chelsea - blue hankie (like what can be done with it with a baby)

Kayla - shamrock (brayds are irish.. so.. idk.. the others sucked?)

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