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DAYS: Grade the show by character...

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Using the A - F grading system, how well do you feel that Hogan Sheffer is writing the show's characters? Take into consideration not only how he writes them as characters, but also how how they're showcased in story, etc.




































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I'll start.

John - C. Hogan writes him really well, but he hasn't been used enough to get an A.

Marlena - B. Total turnaround for the character, which I'm thrilled about. However, like John, she hasn't been showcased enough lately.

Bo - B. No real character destruction... he's been kept pretty much the same as he's always been.

Hope - A. I love the writing for Hope under Sheffer! I love not knowing exactly what's going to come out of her mouth in certain scenes... for example, like in scenes with Chelsea and Willow.

Steve - B. The freakouts are getting repetetive, but Steve has been written very much in character.

Kayla - B. Before, I would've given her a C or a D, but she's been given much more character and purpose lately.

Shawn - A. Love him under Sheffer.

Belle - B. She's maturing into a woman, and I love it.

Philip - A. Love the writing for the character, hate the actor.

Mimi - A. Hogan actually wrote her really well and gave her a character outside of her general orbit.

Bonnie - B. She should've been used more, but Hogan grounded the character while still keeping her quirky side.

Patrick - A. Boring character, but Sheffer gave him as much personality as possible before writing him out.

Jack - A. Too bad he's gone.

Jennifer - A. I wish we could've gotten to see more of her under the new regime.

Abby - C. I'm very 'meh' on Abby right now.

Max - C. Same as with Abby.

Chelsea - A. Hogan writes her like a poet.

Billie - B. Far from perfect, but no longer a pathetic scheming loser, obsessing over Bo and Hope.

Stephanie - A. I'm not sad she's gone, though... not anymore.

Sami - C. He's taken Sami out of her normal 'bad girl' rut, but I'm rather sick of the same old "Sami has a secret!" story.

Lucas - B. Not much I can say...

EJ - A. I loooove how he's got such an undefined sexuality, yet he's such a sexual character. I'm not sure if that's the writing or James Scott, though.

Kate - C. I love her, but give her a purpose already... she needs something to do.

Roman - C. I hate Josh Taylor in the role, and he's got no purpose on this show anymore... at least not in the current stories.

Victor - B. I would've given him an A, but he hasn't been on lately... I wish we could see more of him!

Abe - B. Not much to say...

Lexie - B. Same with Abe.

Celeste - A. I love her place on the show right now! I just wish everyone she's personally connected to (Stefano, Lexie) hadn't been written off.

Willow - C. The writing for the character has gotten better, but she's still come out of nowhere and she's still used too much in stories, IMO.

Nick - A. I love, love, love this characte and the actor, but massive airtime might end up turning fans against him.

Benji - B. Haven't really seen enough to grade, though.

Connor - A. I loved him for the little bit of time he was on!

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John- C. Written well in 06, then disappeared.

Marlena- B. Best version of the character since the 80's, but rarely on.

Bo- C. Ok but being made to stupid for sake of Chelsea's redemption.

Hope- B. Couldn't stand her during the first months of his tenure. I like that she's been written as more kind and forgiving recently. She needs to be more kick-ass and less of a doting housewife, though.

Steve- B. The "episodes" are campy and grate on the nerves. Overall characterisation is solid, though.

Kayla- B. Portrayal was initially on the weak/spineless side but has improved lately.

Shawn- C. Boring but showing signs of maturity.

Belle- C. Ditto.

Philip- B. Loved the idea to turn him evil. Execution has been less impressive.

Jack- A. Final story arc was classic J&J. I think this was all Milstein, though.

Jennifer- A. Ditto.

Abby- C. Has not been sufficiently defined as an indvidual.

Max- D. Lame, Lame, Lame.

Chelsea- A. Has been quite a feat to make her a rootable character.

Billie- C. Hogan clearly loves Pinson but the character is still drifting aimlessly.

Sami- B. Would have given her an A based on his writing in 06. I love that HS has given her maturity and growth but the current paternity mess is looking like a stale rehash.

Lucas- B. Much less judgemental than under JER but needs to be defined as more than just "Sami's guy". Should not have been kept in the dark about the rape.

EJ- D. Needs less airtime and more rivals.

Kate- D. Lacks purpose.

Roman- C. Meh!

Victor- A. Perfectly written by Hogan. Just needs to be on more.

Abe- C. Be nice if he had a story.

Celeste- A. Less campy and more dark/gothic under Hogan. Enjoyable!

Willow- E. Get rid.

Nick- A. Best young character in ages. Likeable, smart and easy to root for.

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John: C- Hard to tell since he's been in a coma for awhile.

Marlena: (B ) I like this version of Marlena alot. I like how she sticks up for herself and isn't the victim.

Bo: (C+ ) Sometims I love Bo under Hogan. Sometimes I hate him.

Hope: (C+ ) Her grade is slowly approving. Hogan got off to a terrible start writing for Hope. Hope was a complete [!@#$%^&*].

Steve: (B ) I love Steve. I find him interesting to watch.

Kayla: (C- ) Find her very boring under Hogan's pen.

Shawn: (C+ ) The best Shawn so far. I think Hogan gets Shelle.

Belle: (C+ ) Would of been higher but has gotten boring in the current storyline.

Philip: (C- ) I just don't buy the evil Philip. It's such a complete turn in the character.

Mimi: (F ) She became so needy and just didn't like her whining. Not to mention she was horrible at acting under his writing.

Bonnie: (D ) She didn't have her wit under Hogan.

Patrick: C- I think Hogan did the best with Patrick. I actually started to like the character the last few days.

Jack: (A ) Great exit.

Jennifer: (A ) Great exit.

Abby: (B ) I'm loving how he's bringing Mabby together.

Max: (C+ ) Still a bit dull.

Chelsea: (A+ ) From a character I hated to a character I love.

Billie: (A+ ) Another awesome character under Hogan Sheffer. I just love that he's taken her out of the Bope romance. It shows Billie has more purpose.

Stephanie: (C- ) Didn't care for her.

Sami: (B ) I like that he's made her more of a rootable character. But I hate how she lied to Lucas about the rape.

Lucas: (C- ) Find the character very boring. I'm sick of his "Mom, I won't forgive you if you hurt Sami." constant lines.

EJ: (B) A bit too evil right now.

Kate: (D ) She's such a minor character now.

Roman: (F ) There has been no need for him.

Victor: (C+ ) Started off great then totally ignored. Hogan needs to go back to writing for Victor.

Abe: (F ) Can't stand him under Hogan. He was annoying under the whole Lexie stuff.

Lexie: (F ) Hated how Hogan wrote Lexie out of the show. The character deserved much better.

Celeste: (B ) Nice that he's putting more depth into the character.

Austin: (C- ) Meh

Carrie: C Liked how Carrie fought back at the end.

Tek: (D ) Too needy.

Willow: (C- ) Would of been an F but Willow is okay in some scenes.

Nick: (B ) Great new character.

Benji: (D ) Not on enough

Connor: (F ) Hardly shown.

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John - B - he was definitely getting back to his hero status when he was shot.

Marlena - D - She reminds me of Langan's Marlena. A selfish b!tch. I don't like it. She's unwilling to help her friends.

Bo - A - great writing for Bo, as usual.

Hope - A - besides the whole Patrick debacle...

Steve - D - WTF is going on with Steve? Let's move on and get some progression here.

Kayla - A - she's the show's heroine now. Love her. He writes for her excellently.

Shawn - A!!! Hoagie gets Shawn.

Belle - A!!!! Ditto.

Philip - B! Better for Philip, but still not great.

Mimi - A - he actually made me like Mimi.

Bonnie - A. Love her. He brought a real side to Bonnie.

Patrick - C. on par for Patrick. crappy.

Jack - C - blah.

Jennifer - C - blah.

Abby - D - he dipped Abby's likability.

Max - D - ditto.

Chelsea - A! He has definitely made me sympathize for her.

Billie - B. I love how he is using her but I don't like how she hops around from guy to guy.

Stephanie - F.

Sami - A. She's finally a heroine.

Lucas - D - Borrrrrrrrring.

EJ - B - I don't like how he is all knowing. Stupid. Unrealistic.

Kate - A.

Roman - D - blah blah blah

Victor - B - I like how he made him bad again, but he is very one note at times.

Abe - C - on par. Boring.

Lexie - C on par. Boring. Slutty.

Celeste - A. He's given her a story. He's using her. I enjoy her. He writes her well.

Austin - B wish he could have been on more. :(

Carrie - B - Ditto.

Tek - D. sub par. A terrible character.

Willow - C. Average. Getting better.

Nick - C - average character. boring.

Benji - D. Who cares?

Connor - A. I loved that character.

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John - B. John became the passionate hero again. He wasn't blowing off the handle in order to rescue Marlena. He was calm and collective during his hero scenes in Italy. The way he took down Rico was very suave. ;)Black, John Black has returned! Pretty much like everyone else, had he been on more, he would get an A.

Marlena - B. Hogan returned Marlena her backbone. She's no longer the helpless victim anymore. I never got to see the real Marlena. I came onto the show in '96, during Reilly's first reign, so victim and needy Marlena had been in full swing for a while then. Langan turned Marlena into a b*tch and the stepmother from hell. B&C didn't get Marlena at all. Higley basically didn't write for Marlena. And then there was Reilly's second run and victim Marlena returned. So I'm glad to see this "new" (not really) Marlena that takes action over anyone, including John. Remember the scene where she took action when Kayla was in the hospital?

Bo - C. I don't like Bo at all anymore. I never really cared for the character, but at least he was always on hid children's side no matter what. Bo's one of those fathers that his children can do no wrong, even when you know they're wrong. That's the type of person he is. So when this "new" Bo starts blaming Chelsea for everything and disowning her, I didn't like it.

Hope - B. She's no longer a hateful b*tch. She can still be a b*tch, but she's caring now. I love the way she's forgiven Chelsea. And I like that she no longer loathes Billie anymore. I was always annoyed by that resentment for some reason.

Steve - B. I'm over his screaming fits, but it's true to the character of new Steve, so I'll give him a B, rather than a C.

Kayla - D. I don't understand how fans fell in love with this woman in the 80s. She couldn't have been the same person because I'm not seeing anything likeable or rootable for her. She's spineless, nagging and it's not entertaining. She would get an F, but I do enjoy her little bursts of kick ass she gives every now and then.

Shawn - A. Shawn is a favorite of mine, and that hasn't happened since...well, ever. I root for Shawn now. I think it has a lot to do with Brandon's portrayal, but I'll give credit to Hogan as well.

Belle - C. Had this been about 3 months earlier, I would have given her an A. I loved Belle back in November. Belle was a b*tch and she wasn't taking sh*t from anyone. She stood up for herself and she became an independent woman, not needing any man. Then, this whole baby drama occurred and Belle went back to leaning on Shawn and becoming needy Belle, the Belle that always needs a man in her life. Sure, she doesn't want to have sex with Shawn, but she needs Shawn, just like she said when they were about to leave Canada at the safe house. That turned me off from the character. And the way she's acting on the island right now, Kirsten Storms could definitely come on and play this Belle. Martha Madison isn't impressing me any longer.

Philip - A. Pure genius! I love evil Philip and Hogan is doing a fine job at turning Philip into the new Victor like he promised. He has reason to be the way he is. Character development at it's best. He didn't just change into evil overnight like many characters of the past did. I'd like to see him more, see how he's taking this whole ordeal, but I understand why we're not seeing him. Hopefully that will change.

Mimi - B. He made me like Mimi again, something that hasn't happened since the Salem High days. He brought Mimi out of the lead stories. That was Reilly's first mistake. You never give a supporting character and actress, leading material. And that's what Farah Fath is, a supporting actress. It just doesn't work. And making Mimi the liar from hell was also a mistake. And if you're going to give repetitive dialogue, please give it to an actress that can pull it off. Under Hogan's pen, Mimi went back to loveable and bubbly "Meems" from back in the day. She was opening her mouth when she shouldn't. That's the Mimi I love. I hated her with Max, but I tolerated it. I'm glad she's gone though. I would never wish her back.

Bonnie - B. He toned Bonnie down. She wasn't excessive anymore. Bonnie was getting to a point where you turned your nose when she appeared. It was like, "Oh God, here we go again!" That's not good.

Patrick - B. Hogan made a character interesting in 2 months, something Reilly couldn't do in 2 years. That just goes to prove that Hogan is a fabulous character writer. When you can entertain me with Patrick Lockhart, you have my confidence.

Jack - Was not written under Hogan.

Jennifer - Was not written under Hogan.

Abby - B. Hogan gave Abby material. And he didn't do it quick, fast and unbelievable. It would've been stupid had Abby and Max got to together instantly. I like that he prolonged the storyline for months. It went from a teenager crush, to jealousy, to deciding to give up and move on, and then to Max finally seeing Abby in a more mature light. Awesome character development!

Max - B. Max has always been interesting to me because of Darin Brooks. But Hogan is actually writing for Max Brady, the character, not Max Brady, the potential love interest for someone.

Chelsea - A++++++. To make the most hated girl in Salem's history a fan favorite, you got my vote for presidency, Hogan! :D

Billie - A. Hogan made Billie an individual. She's no longer the thorn in Bo and Hope's side any longer. She's her own person.

Stephanie - C. I hated the "I want my parents together" routine that she spat 24/7. Once they got her away from Steve and Kayla, Stephanie became enjoyable for me. I loved watching her in scenes with Chelsea. I was sad to see her go when I was wishing for her exit for a long time. I hope she makes a return in the future with Shayna Rose in the role.

Sami - A. Hogan has matured Sami 13 years in a month's time. I liked the way he had her regret her treatment to John for her whole life. And I like that she wanted to make a truce with Kate. Hogan gives light of the bad girl still inside Sami. And I like how she's finally doing something bad for someone else, rather than herself. She's no longer selfish Sami. I was scared that Hogan was going to turn the character into something she's not, but she's still scheming Sami Brady, and I like it.

Lucas - F. Hogan has done nothing more than what Reilly did to Lucas. Why is it that B&C were the last head writers to remember Lucas for who he is. Even Higley knew the character. Lucas is a bad boy. He's a schemer. He's not this loving man that wants a future family with a picket fence. That's not Lucas. And it's sickening to watch him always out of the know with everything Sami does. Back in the day, Lucas knew when Sami was lying before anyone else did. Other than Eric, he could tell Sami's true motives by just looking her in the eye. I hate how Hogan has made me hate a one time favorite character of mine.

EJ - A. He has made EJ the charming bastard. Finally, a soap character that you love to hate, but really love and are ashamed to admit it because you don't want people looking at you weird. Great character. Great job!

Kate - B. Sure, she's still in the same story, but at least she's got a life now. Kate got her confidence back. The way she took to EJ and didn't give a damn and slept with him in her office several times. I love sexy Kate. Lauren Koslow is hot and no matter how many grandchildren she may have, she deserves to always have a steamy love affair.

Roman - C. Hogan hasn't really done anything differently with Roman. He's been the same character since Josh Taylor came onto the role. Nothing new. He's average.

Victor - A. Hogan returned Victor back to his roots. He's the heartless bastard that will do anything for his family, his true family. And you could tell John Aniston loved the material he was finally getting. You could just see it in his eyes.

Abe - C. Like Roman, Abe's character never really changed. He's still the same, average joe.

Lexie - C. Hogan didn't do anything new with Lexie that hasn't been done. She wasn't very interesting under his pen and I'm not that upset anymore that she's gone as much as I was before.

Celeste - A. Hogan's given Celeste something to do again. And she's not repeating the same old doom and gloom that she once did. Yes, she's telling Sami about EJ, but she's telling Sami about this based on her own experiences, not tarot cards. Celeste was in Sami's spot years ago, so she knows what Sami could get herself into. I love it.

Austin - C. Nothing new under Hogan. He had, what, 6 days under his pen?

Carrie - B. The only reason I didn't give her a C is because Hogan brought back fiery Carrie back. When she found out about Sami's lies, she went off. And I liked how she got Lexie back as well. Biitchy Carrie is far more interesting than that good girl routine she's been playing for years.

Tek - C. Hogan kind of turned Tek into a stalker and people even thought he would become an obsessed psychopath. I didn't like that.

Willow - A. Is anyone surprised? :lol: I love Willow. I'm glad that Hogan seems to be ignoring the negative response that fans have been spouting about Willow and is continuing with the character. She just wants love and security. And I truly believe that even though Willow hates the fact of motherhood currently, I think she'll slowly look forward to becoming a mother. I can't wait!

Nick - A. Hogan did a fantastic job creating Nick Fallon. He doesn't even feel like a new character. It's like he's been on the show for years. My only problem is the amount of airtime he's received.

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John-B+ This would be more if he were on more but, based on what I have seen, he has been written great. The character is no longer annoying or over the top.

Marlena-A- The heroine is back. I would go higher with this grade but lack of airtime hurts it. She is no longer spinless or a victim. The Marlena I love is back!!!

Bo-B Hogan has been very hit or miss with Bo. I don't like the way he treated Chelsea last month but lately that has been improving. Overall, I think Hogan gets him but the writing for Bo could use some ironing out.

Hope-B+ Started out incredibly shaky but we are seeing signs of the old Hope. It sounds like things are going to continue to improve for her so, hopefully with more airtime, this grade will ger even better.

Steve-A+ Yes, the screaming and moments of rage are getting tiresome but that is the story. Hogan has written Steve perfectly since his memory returned. I have no complaints.

Kayla-A- This grade is rapidly improving. Started out shaky but the Kayla I love is returning. The spark is back and she is the heroine I love. I am falling in love with her all over again.

Shawn-B+ Big improvement. Love the maturation of him. Grade is held down by the pace of the on the run story, which is growing tiresome.

Belle-B+ See above. Bascially, the same view I have on Shawn. Grade is improving.

Philip-A- Grade would be better had he not dropped off the face of the earth. I am enjoying him and JKJ. There are moments of him being over the top but I like the scenes with Kate he had and we are starting to see some real character growth IMO based on those scenes. He is now a character I have interest in and don't find dull.

Mimi-B+ I was slowly starting to like her again. Hogan returned her to the form of a supporting player and it worked well so good job there.

Bonnie-B+ Took away the over the top factor but still kept her campiness and quirks. Would have liked to see more of what Hogan could've done with her but I like what little I saw.

Patrick-C- He was interesting in his final days but that doesn't make up for 3 years of back and forth and complete character mishandling. Hogan did his best and did a decent job giving Patrick direction but, by that point, I just didn't care.

Jack-A+ Perfect exit. Would love to see Hogan write for him some more.

Jennifer-A+ Same as the above. It was probably more Beth Milstein then Hogan but whoever it was "got" them.

Abby-B What little I have seen is good but she is still stuck in a rut. Hogan gave her personality and took her away from the background. It's sad we won't get to see what else he would do with her but he did an ok job with her.

Max-B Again, gave him personality and some character flaws (ladies man, etc). I like what Hogan has done but need more airtime to be able to make a full determination.

Chelsea-A+ Masterful. Hogan has made me love her. Superb job by him and Melvin.

Billie-A+ Again, fantasitc job. She is out of her Bope rut and is now a individual and a character that I feel has potential again. She has purpose now and the possibilities are endless. Pinson is Billie now and Hogan has done a great job with her.

Stephanie-B+ Not bad. Was annoying during the quarantine stuff but I liked her the rest of the time. Hogan's only mistake here was attaching her too much to her parents but he used her better towards the end of her run.

Sami-A+ Maturation, growth, and finally out of her repeating cycle of going after a guy and then being exposed again and again. She is an actual heroine now and I love it.

Lucas-C+ Hogan needs to work on him alot. I like that they are taking him away from being Austin II but they need to develop him more on his own. Focus on his Horton roots a bit rather then him going to Kate all the time. Like that he is interacting more with Philip, Billie, and Chelsea but there is room for more improvement. Actually, alot if improvement.

EJ-A- They need to tone him down a bit as far as airtime and start resting him like Stefano used to be. I don't mind him being invincible and all-knowing because it makes his inevitable fall better but when he is on every single day and is all over the place when he is on, it grows tiresome. Scott is great and so is the character under Hogan but there is room for some tweaking.

Kate-B+ I like what Hogan does with her (Love her affair with EJ) but she needs more purpose. Involve her with Philip more and throw her back into Billie's life a little more. She is always in Lucas's business and that is to limiting. More work is needed.

Roman-B- Not too bad but the fact that I still can't buy JT as Roman hurts. Hogan has written him well but Roman still comes off as pompous ass sometimes. Roman really has little purpose so I would say find him some or think about cutting him.

Victor-A+ Needs more airtime. Hogan has brought him back to his glory. Fantastic job.

Abe-B Not much difference then previous regimes but I need to see more of him to judge. I didn't like how quick he jumped all over Lexie before she left but I wasn't totally bewildered by that either. More airtime is needed to really determine how good or bad Hogan has wrote him.

Lexie-B Not much to say here. She became pretty boring under Hogan but that is because he had to change gears due to RJ leaving. I don't think I can really judge given that but I would like see what he could do with her. Based on what I saw, I give her a B.

Celeste-A Love her. The gothic Celeste we love is back. She is feisty, formidable, mysterious...love her. Hogan has given her purpose outside of being a psychic. He has done wonders for her.

Austin-C Not much to say. Needed to see more to judge but based on what I saw Hogan did ok with him.

Carrie-C same as above. Needed to see more but Hogan did ok. I like how he gave Carrie her fire back in the scenes with Lexie and Sami, especially during that catfight with Sami.

Tek-F Useless. It wasn't just on Hogan but on JER, Beth, the ghostwriters, etc...whoever wrote, he came off as too desperate and needy. Liked the actor but all potential for the character was lost in 2006 and early 2007.

Willow-C+ Getting better. Like that Hogan is making her an actual character now and I like her much better outside of the Shelle story. If Hogan keeps her there, she may continue to grow on me and the audience.

Nick-A_ Best new character in ages. He is unique, brave, strong...a breath of fresh air. Not your typical soap hunk or young leading man. Hogan has done great with him.

Benji-A+ Mysterious, intriguing...keeps you interested in his scenes. Great character. Unique character. Hogan has done great with him and I like the way he is utilized.

Connor-A Loved what little I saw. I saw great potential in his short time on the show. The actor was great and Hogan made him fun, quirky, and original. He was similar to Bonnie and was very charming. Would've liked to see more of him under Hogan's pen.

I think Hogan gets an overall grade of B+ for the characters. He has made the characters more relatable. I feel like I am watching people with real personalities. I feel a connection with them now and I no longer feel like I am watching pods or cardboard cutouts. He has really done a good job with the characterization and it really shows.

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John - C+ No screentime, not enough character-driven writing when he was on (except under Milstein, but not Hogan).

Marlena - B Her recent "roughness" is totally appropriate given what she's going through. But she needs to be interacting with those she cares about and is in the capacity to help.

Bo - B+ Lots of "I Heart Bo" moments for me lately, especially the cupcake scene with Maggie. Bo just works with so many characters, he's the show's Everyguy. But his flip-flopping on Chelsea has been totally moronic -- "You're in the family, no now you're out! Now you're in!", it's like some sadistic Members Only club gatekeeper. This could be compelling actually if done alongside some deep Bope scenes where they actually address their rift from 2006, because then you can get at the character's guilt. Would've been an A- if there was more screentime.

Hope - B- Good that she trusts Bo again, bad that they have her forgiving Chelsea so easily (shoulda been a meaty angsty development). Letting her clash with Billie and Willow is fun. I would say that she should be getting to play with the big kids more but she also has to stay home with the baby a lot and realistically that limits her. Hope/Steve scenes rock. Woulda been an A- if htey didn't sweep the Chelsea/Zach stuff under the rug and if she had more screentime.

Steve - B Redundancy is the big qualm. Else, he makes sense, he's not supposed to be the Steve we all know and love, after 16 years of who knows what. I think the tension with Kayla is actually a plus since it gives them places to go. I actually was never threatened by the Billie stuff and still think it could pay off, plotwise. Loved the man in the mirror scene. Introduction to newer viewers a definite detractor.

Kayla - B- Really not overly happy, though improving of late as we get to see Kayla react to conflicting loyalties (a great situation to put a character in, IMO). But since the beginning they have stifled her fun side and it's just stupid. Love her with Bo. Introduction to newer viewers a definite detractor.

Shawn - C+ Brain says there are improvements, but heart is not in it. I just ... don't ... care.

Belle - B- See above, with the single difference that while Belle was on her own I was beginning to love her.

Philip - B I didn't consider his "villainization" to be trashing the character, he honestly had nowhere to go unless he came back a villain IMO (Phillip always had that edge anyway). So that was good. But so far I have been a little let down because I expected something a little more psychologically fascinating. His scenes with Willow were funny.

Mimi - B Not big on the acting, but the writing gave her back the quirkiness that her fans liked. Repetive dialog stopped and she broke away from Shelle. Best stuff was with her family, together the Lockharts were actually interesting.

Bonnie - A- She was funny. The detriment was that you could tell that Hogan's plans for her changed in the middle of things. Favorite stuff was the scene Milstein wrote for her and her kids in prison, though.

Patrick - A Hogan realized he had to decide once and for all if he was a bad guy, and realized he had to ditch the character ASAP. Along the way he showed the difference between a villain like Patrick and a villain like EJ.

Jack - A- More snark necessary, but the noble self-sacrifice nonsense stopped, hallelujah, and he had life in him. Grade is skewed upward in consideration of time constraints.

Jennifer - A- Happiest I'd seen Missy in ages and that says it all. She was active, fighting, and loving again. Grade is skewed upward in consideration of time constraints.

Abby - C Character had a lot of drama to build depth from, instead they settled for The Good Girl to fit into the Mabby pairing.

Max - C- Why do I not care about this guy after two years?

Chelsea - B+ Redemption is missing some emotional steps but all in all I'm quite interested. Melvin's charm pushes into an A-.

Billie - ?? Have to think about it. I get this big question mark in my head wondering if she is really going anywhere.

Stephanie - C+ Parent Trap Stephanie sucked. She was a breath of fresh air when Abby and Chelsea were acting like melodramatic 12 year olds. Too bad it didn't work out, she could've been a good addition.

Sami - B+ It was time for Sami to grow up, no doubt about it. It's tricky though because Sami should never lose her edge. With the current storyline it's understandable that she's sub-par, but that storyline is also stagnating, to her detriment.

Lucas - B- Hogan clearly (IMO) recognizes that there is drama in the "Will he/won't he stand by Sami?" question. But Lucas is still too tied to Sami as a character.

EJ - B- He was really bringing the evil for me, but he's too exposed now for a mustache-twisting type. Those kind of villains have a place but they do best lurking in shadows.

Kate - B Dancing with Victor, helping John on the case, games with EJ, all good interactions for a floating Kate. But the Lumi obsession MUST STOP.

Roman - D I don't care if he's actually being a cop now, he's still useless.

Victor - B+ Evil Victor is back, yes! Or he was ... now where is he? Also, this issue about why he'd kidnap from his own family needs to be further explored -- great storyline potential with Bo on that one.

Abe - B He was using him, that's all that really can be said. Abe doesn't really change, he's just everyone's favorite Uncle Abe.

Lexie - B Some nice emotional scenes but really the character didn't go anywhere either. Not good, not bad. I am not going to detract for the exit yet because it seems open ended to me.

Celeste - A- Some nice intrigue and interactions for this secondary mainstay.

Austin - D Window dressing.

Carrie - C- I really don't know how to take that catfight with Sami ... yeah it was a change from the passive indecisive Carrie of the summer, but it was also really regressive for me. I guess it was something. Enjoyed her scene with Marlena at the hospital, that was about it. Lackluster departure.

Tek Is he a character? Whatever, not worth a grade.

Willow - A Hogan's creation, so she's exactly what she's intended to be. I still want her gone.

Nick - A- Again, Hogan's creation, he's exactly what he's intended to be. I love him, but overexposed. Best young character, but part of that is due also to the actor.

Benji - A How to grade a guy who's had like three scenes? They all fit their purpose I guess and get me interested in the past, so what to give but an A?

Connor - A He came, he saw, he helped exit Mimi. Served his purpose, didn't do any damage.

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