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One Life to Live Episode Counts


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February 2007 Episode Counts

20 episodes in February '07

(NOTE: Pre-emption of OLTL from just before 2:58 pm est until just after 2:59 pm est on Friday, February 2nd for an extended ABC News Brief on Florida tornado damage. Pre-emption caused end credits and Monda, February 5th episode previews not to air.)

Listed below are the total # of episodes each actor appeared in for the month of January, and the percentages of total episodes each actor earned for the month of January.

1) Michael Easton (John McBain)-----18-----90%

2) Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio Vega)-----16-----80%

3) Melissa Archer (Natalie Buchanan)-----15------75%

3) Renee Elise Goldsberry (Evangeline Williamson)-----15-----75%

3) Bree Williamson (Jessica Buchanan)-----15------75%

6) BethAnn Bonner (Talia Sahid)-----14-----70%

6) Forbes March (Nash Brennan)-----14-----70%

8) Nathaniel Marston (Michael McBain)-----13-----65%

8) Trevor St. John (Todd Manning)-----13-----65%

8) Robert S. Woods (Bo Buchanan)-----13-----65%

11) Kathy Brier (Marcie Walsh McBain)-----12-----60%

11) John-Paul Lavoisier Rex Balsom)-----12-----60%

13) David Fumero (Cristian Vega)-----11-----55%

13) Robin Strasser (Dorian Cramer Lord)-----11-----55%

15) David Chisum (Miles Laurence)-----10-----50%-----first aired 02/02

15) Kassie DePaiva (Blair Cramer)-----10-----50%

15) Melissa Gall (Adriana Cramer)-----10-----50%

18) Kristen Alderson (Starr Manning)-----9----45%

18) Christina Chamber (Marty Thornhart)-----9-----45%

20) Brandon Buddy (Cole Thornhart)-----8-----40%

20) Paul Satterfield (Spencer Truman)-----8-----40%

20) Uncredited actor portraying Arsonist-----8-----40%-----recurring

20) Uncredited actress portraying Diner waitress)-----8-----40%-----recurring

24) Catherine Hickland (Lindsay Rappaport)-----6----30%-----recurring

24) Erika Slezak (Viki Davidson)-----6-----30%

24) Hillary B. Smith (Nora Hannen)-----6-----30%

24) Jerry Ver Dorn (Clint Buchanan)------6-----30%

28) Jacob Cook and Luke Kendler Clodfelter (Tommy McBain)-----5-----25%-----recurring

28) Alexandra Neil (Paige Miller)-----5-----25%

28) Tika Sumpter (Layla Williamson)-----5-----25%

28) Tobias Truvillion (Vincent Jones)-----5-----25%

28) Carly and Sam Wolfe (Bree Buchanan)-----5-----25%-----recurring

33) Eddie Alderson (Matthew Buchanan)-----4-----20%-----recurring

33) Chris Beetem (Tate Harmon)-----4-----20%-----first aired 02/08

35) Ilene Kristen (Roxy Balsom)-----3-----15%-----recurring

36) Phil Carey (Asa Buchanan)-----2-----10%

36) Kingsley Leggs (Aaron Connally)-----2-----10%-----recurring

36) Patricia Mauceri (Carlotta Vega)-----2-----10%-----last aired 02/10

36) Jeff McCarthy (Jim Mulligan)-----2-----10%-----guest stint; last aired 02/10

36) Pamela Payton-Wright (Addie Cramer)-----2-----10%-----recurring

36) Sean Reinggold (Shaun)-----2-----10%-----recurring

36) Stu Richel (Fire Chief)-----2-----10%------guest stint; last aired 02/17

36) Brittany Underwood (Langston Wilde)-----2------10%

36) Uncredited Actor playing Billy the Palace bartendar-----2-----10%-----recurring

45) Michael Chaban (Dr. Raymon Gualtieri)-----1-----5%-----guest stint; last aired 02/07

45) Thomas Christian Justusson (Jack Manning)-----1-----5%-----recurring

45) Sara DeRosa (Diner Customer)-----1-----5%-----recurring

45) Patricia Elliott (Renee Buchanan)-----1-----5%-----recurring

45) Nelly Furtado (Herself)-----1-----5%-----special guest appearance on 02/23

45) Amanda Marchesini (Amber)-----1-----5%-----recurring

45) Austin Moore (Kid at Llanview High School assembly)-----1-----5%-----guest stint; last aired 02/08

45) Portia Reiners (Britney Jennings)-----1-----5%

45) Siaore Scott (Jamie Vega)-----1-----5%-----recurring

45) Peter Bartlett (Nigel Bartholemew-Smythe)-----1-----5%-----recurring

45) Uncredited actor portraying Billy the Palace Bartendar-----2-----5%-----recurring

45) Uncredited actress portraying Hollow Grounds coffee shop waitress)-----1-----5%-----recurring

45) Actress portraying Lt. Donna Johnson)-----1-----5%-----recurring

45) All other dayplayers-----1 each-----5%-----guest stints; one episode each-various totals for others

Not Appearing this month, these recurring players----Al Espinosa (Father Gregory), Wortham Krimmer (Rev. Andrew Carpenter), Hazel J. Medina (Marianne-Matthew's nanny), Olivia Sklar (Lois), Michael Storm (Dr. Larry Wolek), all other recurring.



Episode Counts for January-February, 2007

42 episodes so far in '07

Listed below are the total # of episodes each actor appeared in so far during 2007, and the percentages of total episodes each actor earned so far for the year.

1) Michael Easton (John McBain)-----34-----81%

2) Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio Vega)-----33-----79%

3) Melissa Archer (Natalie Buchanan)-----32------76%

4) Trevor St. John (Todd Manning)-----31-----74%

5) Bree Williamson (Jessica Buchanan)-----30------71%

6) John-Paul Lavoisier (Rex Balsom)-----28-----67%

6) Forbes March (Nash Brennan)-----28-----67%

6) Robert S. Woods (Bo Buchanan)-----28-----67%

9) Renee Elise Goldsberry (Evangeline Williamson)-----26-----62%

9) Paul Satterfield (Spencer Truman)-----26-----62%

11) Kassie DePaiva (Blair Cramer)-----25-----60%

11) Nathaniel Marston (Michael McBain)-----25-----60%

13) Kristen Alderson (Starr Manning)-----24-----57%

13) Kathy Brier (Marcie Walsh McBain)-----24-----57%

15) Christina Chambers (Marty Thornhart-----22-----52%

16) BethAnn Bonner (Talia Sahid)-----20-----48%

16) David Fumero (Cristian Vega)-----20-----48%

16) Robin Strasser (Dorian Cramer Lord)-----20----48%

19) Brandon Buddy (Cole Thornhart)-----19-----45%

19) Melissa Gallo (Adriana Cramer)-----19-----45%

21) Erika Slezak (Viki Davidson)-----17----40%

22) Tobias Truvillion (Vincent Jones)-----15-----36%

23) Alexandra Neil (Paige Miller)-----14-----33%

23) Jerry Ver Dorn (Clint Buchanan)-----14-----33%

25) Catherine Hickland (Lindsay Rappaport)------12-----29%

26) Jacob Cook and Luke Kendler Clodfelter (Tommy McBain)-----11-----26%-----recurring; first aired 01/16

26) Tika Sumpter (Layla Williamson)-----11-----26%

28) David Chisum (Miles Laurence)-----10-----24%-----first aired 02/02

29) Damon Dimaico (Cop at Spencer's door)-----9-----21%-----guest stint; last aired 01/29

29) Hillary B. Smith (Nora Hannen)-----9-----21%

29) Carly and Sam Wolfe (Bree Buchanan)-----9-----21%-----recurring

32) Uncredited actor portraying Arsonist-----8-----19%-----recurring; first aired 02/09

32) Uncredited actress portraying Diner waitress-----8-----19%-----recurring

34) Ilene Kristen (Roxy Balsom)-----7-----17%-----recurring

35) Thomas Galanich (Mark Casey)-----6-----14%-----last aired 01/29

35) Thomas Christian Justusson (Jack Manning)-----6-----14%-----recurring

35) Kingsley Leggs (Aaron Connally)-----6-----14%-----recurring

38) Eddie Alderson (Matthew Buchanan)------5-----12%-----recurring

38) Phil Carey (Asa Buchanan)-----5-----12%

38) Sara DeRosa (several dayplayer roles)-----5-----12%-----recurring

38) Portia Reiners (Britney Jennings)-----5-----12%

38) Sean Reinggold (Saun)-----5-----12%-----recurring

38) Brittany Underwood (Langston Wilde)-----5-----12%

44) Chris Beetem (Tate Harmon)-----4-----10%-----first aired 02/08

44) Amanda Marchesini (Amber)-----4-----10%-----recurring

44) Uncredited actor portraying Billy the Palace bartendar-----4-----10%-----recurring

47) David and Zachary Frisch (Tommy McBain)-----3-----7%-----last aired 01/10

47) Gregory Kachejion (Dr. Nathan Cushing)-----3-----7%-----last aired 01/16

47) Patricia Mauceri (Carlotta Vega)-----3-----7%-----recurring

47) Pamela Payton-Wright (Addie Cramer)-----3-----7%-----recurring

51) Nicoye Banks (Gray)-----2-----5%-----recurring; first aired 01/23

51) Peter Bartlett (Nigel Bartholemew-Smythe)-----2-----5%-----recurring

51) Patricia Elliott (Renee Buchanan)-----2-----5%-----recurring

51) Robert Harte (Michael McBain)-----2-----5%-----temporary two-episode recast; last aired 01/10

51) Jeff McCarthy (Jim Mulligan)-----2-----5%-----guest stint; last aired 02/10

51) Stu Richel (Fire Chief)-----2-----5%------guest stint; last aired 02/17

51) Actress portraying Lt. Donna Johnson-----2-----5%-----recurring

58) Emily Allyn Barth (Mary the Diner waitress)-----1-----2%-----recurring

58) Kerry Butler (Claudia Reston)-----1------2%-----last aired 01/03

58) Michael Chaban (Dr. Raymon Gualtieri)-----1-----2%-----guest stint; last aired 02/07

58) Nelly Furtado (Herself)-----1-----2%-----special guest appearance on 02/23

58) Fiona Horrgian (Palace maid)-----1-----2%-----last aired 01/03

58) Cosmo Pfeil (Gabe)-----1-----2%-----recurring

58) Austin Moore (Kid at Llanview High School assembly)-----1-----2%-----guest stint; last aired 02/08

58) Saiore Scott (Jamie Vega)-----1-----2%-----recurring

58) Olivia Sklar (Lois the Llanfair maid)-----1-----2%-----recurring

58) Andrew William Smith (TV Reporter)-----1-----2%-----last aired 01/17

58) Timothy D. Stickney (RJ Gannon)-----1-----2%-----recurring

58) Dawn Yanek (Serenity Springs spa attendant)-----1-----2%-----recurring

58) Uncredited actor portraying Dr. Newman-----1-----2%-----last aired 01/05

58) Uncredited actress portraying Hollow Grounds coffee shop waitress)-----1-----2%-----recurring

Various totals for all other dayplayer roles so far this year.

Not Appearing this month, these recurring players----Al Espinosa (Father Gregory), Wortham Krimmer (Rev. Andrew Carpenter), Hazel J. Medina (Marianne-Matthew's nanny), Michael Storm (Dr. Larry Wolek), all other recurring.

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I could come to really like this show again if there wasn't so much Michael Easton / John McBain. Is there anyone, aside from die-hard "he can do no wrong" fans, who can explain his appeal to me? I'm baffled. To me he's a millstone around the neck of the whole show.

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My thoughts exactly....no one needs to be on that much.....airtime should be evenly distributed as much as possilbe between the cast, with airtime increasing with the number of years you have been with the show.

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Wow, that really is ridiculous. I think the show should plan everything out and begin a system of sorts to take care of this. My God, Michael Easton is way hyped. He hasn't done anything worthy, in my opinion, on one of those 18 out of 20 days he was on.

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