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OLTL: TV Guide magazine article on Tuc Watkins' return to Llanview

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Anyone seen the TV Guide magazine yet with the article on Tuc Watkins brief return to OLTL as David Vickers? I skimmed through it the other day while in the checkout line at the grocery, but can't remember it is was the Feb. 12th or 19th edition.

It has a picture of Tuc and Michael Easton in the article...

The picture is of Davicd at some sort of resort or cabana club, and John is there to give him news. David has a pina coloda in hand and his shirt is open. John's wearing his leather jacket. The caption under the picture reads: John Mcbain (Michael Easton, right) lures David back to Llanview with news that Dorian is in jail.

Then it has a pretty funny little article on David's return where Watkins' mentions David's new girlfriend, who had a medal hip, leaving him and everything. It's a pretty funny article. :lol:


Also, there is a new OLTL episode listing at IMDb.com for the Friday, March 2nd episode. However, they presently do not have any dayplayer actors or directors listed for that episode.

Also from IMDb.com, Stu Richel played the fire chief on last Thursday's and Friday's episodes where Nora's house got torched by the arsonist. Here is his profile: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1131026/

They have also just added a few new episode listings for some of January's episodes: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0062595/episodes#season-unknown

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Well that's what it said in TV Guide magazine. I haven't seen anything about it in my spoilers yet, however I don't have the previews out that far yet.

I'm guessing it may be a ploy on John's part to lure David back to Llanview concerning Spencer's murder investigation, but I'm really not sure. Because, knowing how Dorian, she could manage to get herself locked up for something again.

So I don't know which one of my theories is correct yet.

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