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AMC: SOW Scoops

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Thanks to Jules at the Z/K board:

Week of Jan. 8: Babe enlists Erica's help.

Zarf becomes the No. 1 suspect.

A dying Linda asks Julia to be Kathy's mother.

Jonathan fears he won't be able to control his rage.

JR plots against Babe.

Can't Miss: Tues., Jan. 9: The Satin Slayer targets Danielle.

Week of Jan. 15: Zach is troubled by a memory from his past. Maggie wants another chance with Bianca. Babe supports Zoe when she reveals the truth about herself.

The main story: And Then There were Three

The Satin Slayer attacks Danielle this week on AMC, leaving Bianca, Babe and Kendall the only Fusion girls left standing.

The girls rally as Dani fights for her life. "It's not that they're not frightened, they are just not going to go sit in a corner," explains head writer Megan McTavish. "They are going to live their lives."

Much to the dismay of their loved ones. "Ryan certainly is worried about Spike being anywhere near Kendall when she's a target," notes McTavish. "The last thing he wants to do is have Spike lose his mother. Zach is the first one to say, 'Kendall, go away and hide.'"

Kendall doesn't listen, of course. "It isn't just, 'I'm not going to let this killer take my business and my friends,'" says McTavish. "She sees the torture Zach is going through and she loves him as much--or more--than she's ever loved him. She's going to fight this with him, and she has a faith in his ability to protect her. She has more faith in her husband than he has in himself at this moment. He would die for her tomorrow if it would save her--but the killer's not coming at him."

But the killer is connected to him. "The serial killer knows about Zach's past," affirms McTavish.

And Zarf might hold the key, when a photo of Zach's mother turns up at the rock star's London penthouse.


In: Elizabeth Hendrickson (Maggie) on Jan. 15. "Maggie wants Bianca back", reveals Hendrickson, "and she's ready to beg and plead!"

Mail Call: Umm, WHAT? That was Julia Barr's last scene?!

There's also a fan letter about how boring AMC is in general, and how no one in the cast is putting his/her best foot forward when they, too are bored. It goes on to say that AMC is all about children as co-dependents of their parents and the parents having no lives of their own. There's also a pro-T&D letter.

Viewer's Voice: Who do you think is the Satin Slayer?

22% Janet from another planet

14% Zarf

4% Jonathan

4% Zach

3% Greenlee

3% Amanda

2% Tad

48% someone else

Under Hit or Miss, Ryannie are a Hit (this is just a snippet from the commentary): "Aside from Zach and Kendall, all of AMC's top couples have been torn apart by secrets, lies, missing babies, ex-husbands or unaborted fetuses. So watching a couple cultivate a relationship from scratch is a real treat...And while they would not be described as H-O-T just yet, Ryan and Annie share their own brand of sweet chemistry. Fans are used to seeing Ryan as the ultimate hero in Pine Valley, but Annie was Ryan's rock following Erin's death, and the poignant role-reversal was a smart touch."

There's an interview with VI about his departure from AMC and his role on Y&R. He's very classy, but he complained to JHC about how evil they were making David on his way out the door, especially kidnapping Emma, which he felt David would never do after losing his own child. It's a pretty long interview and I can't type it up now, but it's very interesting. He talked about how no matter how bad David was, there was always one person in PV that David could communicate with on a human level, whether it was Anna, Erica, Greenlee, Dixie, but over the past two years, David had no one, and it could have been Babe, but they wrote her as treating him like crap. His first day on Y&R is Jan. 9.

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Ryan and Annie truly do work as a couple. There is chemistry and its not like they immidiately put them together romantically. They weren't an "insta-couple" and that worked in their favour. They are a couple you can root for :)

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