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  1. Scriptwriters don't determine story, plot or direction of the show. They write scripts from breakdowns that originate with the head writer(s) and outline writers. If you're looking for "new blood" with the potential for changing the direction of a soap, it won't be with "newly hired/inexperienced" scriptwriters. Just saying.
  2. Mr. Slesar did indeed write The Edge of Night and Somerset simultaneously. He also wrote The Edge of Night and Search for Tomorrow simultaneously. But never the three shows at once. Bill Bell did the same for years, penning The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful daily as head writer for both shows.
  3. And the writers have been giving Ridge dialogue that’s extremely offensive in regards to both Justin and Carter (more or less calling both men “boy”). CURIOUS? What "extremely offensive" dialogue would that be? I can't recall a thing Ridge has said that would lend such an interpretation. And they had a scene with her basically performing as a singing mammy. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Paris volunteered to help quieten the baby. Steffy didn't ask her to; neither did Finn. She was a colleague and a friend who sang a lullaby to soothe a crying kid. That's all, IMO. How you go from that to a "singing nanny" is what's offensive to me.
  4. I don't think Sally's Y&R stint was a failure by any means. She had the herculean job of returning Y&R to some semblance of Bill Bell's vision, which I believe she did. It probably took longer than she expected, and audiences are impatient these days. Also, her tenure began so quickly that she didn't have much time to plan long term (according to an interview with her, she was just coming off her brother's death when the Y&R offer was made, and she pretty much started overnight). Were their missteps? Yes. But Y&R was at least recognizable, unlike the ridiculous, adolescent nonsense that Chuck Pratt and JFP handed viewers. As for Jean and Shelly "rocking" anything as co-head writers, please. Don't insult our intelligence. Both are modestly talented BREAKDOWN writers; their overall tenures as head writers have been uninspired IMO. Finally, maybe MY's vision for Y&R is spot-on. It will take several months to tell. But here's an idea: instead of making up crap about him by pretending you're an insider who's "in the know," why don't you and Jonny cut the BS in your posts, and stop alienating everyone with your nonsense. It's great that you're excited about the show again, so enjoy it without all the hyperbole. (Also, absolutely NO ONE ON THIS BOARD BELIEVES YOU ARE TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE SO DROP THE CHARADE. It's highly insulting to thinking posters here.) He'll quickly realize that kind of momentum can't be sustained, which is why successful soap writers find all the possible beats to play in fleshing out the plot. Viewers need to care about the characters that things are happening to. If the emotional beats aren't played, the show is just one plot point after another.
  5. Okay. I'd like the moderator(s) to step up here. If Jonnysbro is going to say that MY tweaked SS's material the last few weeks and this is the reason for the ratings bump, I'd like to know Jonnys source(s). He continues to make these "in the know" pronouncements but never, when challenged, addresses questions about his source(s). He deflects, or ignores, and continues to post unsubstantiated crap. I think the moderator(s) has an obligation to ask all posters who make similar claims to give their sources, or risk having their posts pulled. That would pretty much reduce Jonnys contributions to daily climaxes about Shelly (same goes for his twin Jerry, wink-wink). I don't mind if someone says they wonder if Mal tweaked Sally's material - that's an opinion and is stated as one. But for Jonnys to state categorically that Sally deserves no credit because all her stuff was changed - it's total BS without giving us a source. This has gone on long enough with this guy (and his latest reincarnation Jerry). Seriously, enough is enough.
  6. The "transition" from Sally's writing to Mal's was brutal. His "style," if you can call it that, seems a lot like JFP and Pratt's: plot contrivances, shocking "twists," with a little humor thrown in (the Phyllis/Billy scenes were interesting in a different way), with little attention to transitions or playing the emotional beats. The show seems very uneven (Paul's character, in two days, has been savaged). Maybe he'll fix it, or since he learned American soaps under JFP, maybe he won't care and just jam more plot at the viewers, hoping to regain a lost audience. We'll see what happens, but it's all on Mal now. No blaming anyone else. Y&R either rebounds or its ratings continue to ebb.
  7. Agreed. Shelly's no better at storytelling with Chris than she was with Jean. GH is in desperate need of a creative overall from EP to the head writing team. No, Babes Bloom IS NOT THE ANSWER, but at this point I'm not sure what is. Apparently ABC isn't either or they would make changes. When you're losing viewers across all demos as GH did this week, it suggests that Shelly's "consistent approach to ratings" (whatever the hell that means) isn't working. GH needs a new head writing team STAT!
  8. Get help, Jonnysbro. Seriously. This isn't funny any longer. Get help, Jonnysbro. Seriously. This isn't funny any longer.
  9. Shelly's been at GH for how long now? When is this "amazement" going to start? Was your BFF Jean's presence as her co-head somehow holding Shelly's brilliance back all this time, and it will only be unleashed now that she's flying solo? Oh, and I'd love to see some quotes from her entire writing team about how much they adore her. You know, something real, not something you've made up. Come on. I dare you. Honest to god quotes from each team member. Prove what a hot shot, in the know dude you really are.
  10. "Cheering" for Jean's "iconic run in daytime"? What a laugh. The only people "cheering" (more like salivating) are you and Jerry, who writes, punctuates, spells and murders the English language just like you. Imagine the odds.
  11. You freaking liar! You have no idea what she "did to Janice and Natalie and everyone on the writing team..." You just make this crap up!! You may not like Sally, but for God's sake, dude, STOP LYING!!!! Also, spell check your posts! Learn some grammar!! It's like reading some four year old's post! (so offense to four year olds!)
  12. LOL!! Why would she poach Shelly when she fired her untalented butt before??? Seriously, Jonnysbro (yeah, we all know you and Jerry675 are one in the same).
  13. A loyal following of two: you and your alter ego 'Jerry'. Seriously, man, I'm gonna keep saying this in every reply to your posts: get a life. Run away with 'Jerry'. Have a torrid romance. Anything that keeps you away from your keyboard and the Jean and Shelly crap you obsessively post.
  14. You've said some shitty stuff on this board, but I find your comment about Ms. Alden to be a new low for you. If she's lost her "luster," as you so indelicately put it, why would you suggest she go back to B&B? Age has nothing to do with talent. Bill Bell and Agnes Nixon both wrote into their 70s. Finally, how do you know the Chloe reveal was based of CP stuff? Who told you that? Where did you read it? Cite your sources. Seriously, man, you have the right to your opinions, but you can't just make crap up and peddle it as fact. Get a grip. Get a life.
  15. You "think" Sally/Kay had free rein until such-and-such a time then CBS stepped in. You don't know that. It's total speculation on your part. You are compulsively driven to make posters believe you have inside knowledge when you don't. It's pathetic, man. Seriously, you need to take a break from posting, get a reality check. Was that the "Shelly" in your head, the one that talks to you and gives you all your inside scoops? The "Shelly" no one else sees or hears but you? Also, who gives a damn when Jean P announced her retirement? Most of the soap world is glad she's gone. You really need some help, dude.
  16. Again, there you go with the "they love him" crap. Site your sources. Who is "they"? Let's see quotes from articles you've read, or network brass you've spoken to.
  17. Dude, if you write one more time about net execs loving "so and so" I'm going to puke! You pretend to be an "insider," knowing what the men and women behind the scenes of the four soaps think: "Angelica loves Mal...", etc. "The cast of GH loved Jean..." Seriously, get some help!! You make these grand, sweeping statements as if they're fact, when most are just conjecture and fantasy on your part. And what the hell difference does it make whether Kay and Sally retired or were fired? The point is they're no longer writing for Y&R. You can finally quit your weekly rants about their low ratings, how JFP and CP had higher ratings, and how Shelley Altman should write Y&R - yada, yada, yada. Of course now that you no longer have Sally and Kay to grouse about, and you can't pimp Jean P anymore, it's almost frightening to think who you'll obsessively latch on to next!
  18. Chris undoubtedly got the job because he's a much less expensive hire than a more established, experienced head writer would be. As for Shelly being beloved by cast and crew (who's your source - names, please), that won't save her behind if the ratings don't improve. Also, bringing a younger perspective won't mean squat if the same old over-the-top, implausible stories keep getting played out. Altman needs to go. She's a boring, uninventive writer. Can't she just take an early retirement with Jean??? We can only wish.
  19. Well Jonnysbro, Mr. Man In The Know, this totally contradicts what you wrote in the Jean P farewell thread about Shelly A flying solo, which you said Jean confirmed. Guess you're not as plugged in as you'd have us all believe. Surprise, surprise.
  20. Jonnysbro's post purposely misleads. OLTL did indeed hit #1 in a specific ratings demo, but it didn't stay there for long. JFP has always been about programming stunts. Goose the ratings, especially during sweeps, and she manages to hang on to her job (until she doesn't). But when the "shock and awe" is over, audiences tune out. They aren't invested in the show long term because they aren't invested in the characters. Real soap legends like Irna Phillips, Bill Bell, Agnes Nixon, Doug Marland, Harding Lemay, Claire Labine and Henry Slesar understood that character creates and drives plot. JFP and her ilk simply throw anything at the storytelling wall and hope it sticks, underscoring Jonnysbro's "so much stuff going on" comment. I can't recall another EP who is viewed quite an negatively as JFP is. Of course, Jonnysbro sings her praises because it gets responses. Posters (including myself) just have to call him out because he's so painfully and consistently annoying. As I said in a previous post that Jonnysbro never responded to, I'm more and more convinced he's a plant on the board to generate more posts.
  21. Um, dude - does JFP's tenure at Santa Barbara ring a bell? She boosted ratings there? No. No. And no. The hack has served as an executive producer on six different soaps. She may have had some rating spikes during her tenures, especially with her idiotic emphasis on stunt storytelling, but overall she was booted from each show because she couldn't maintain stable ratings, much less grow them. IBTW, where did you get that she boosted ratings at AW 34%? Source(s), please. Most of this nonsense you post is pure fantasy. But hey, if I'm wrong, show me credible sources for your info. (Frankly, I'm starting to think you're a plant on this board to get people posting to your craziness.)
  22. Your argument makes no sense. If JFP was pulling such stellar ratings, why would CBS want to upset that just to "try an outsider"? Nets don't gamble with ratings and revenue that way. As for production values, JFP's Y&R didn't hold a candle to Ed Scott's Y&R. The iconic Y&R sound track was jettisoned during her tenure, as was the moody, dark and sensual lighting (Ed Scott lit the show like a film; JFP lit it like a typical ABC soap: harsh, washed out, dull). Casting? Her big hire was Steve Burton, her BFF. 'Nuff said. I'm not saying Mal Young is the EP Y&R needs or deserves, but JFP has destroyed so many soaps during her career that it's laughable to suggest she was better for Y&R than Young. At least Young has focused on the writing. Like SS or not, like the pacing or not, it's more the Bill Bell soap now than during JFP's tenure. It's much more character driven, and stories are more layered. Beats gets played. Characters act like themselves. The craziness of Chuck Pratt is gone. The very fact that JFP brought that hack on board is enough to forever taint her IMHO. I just hope she doesn't wind up at GH or DAYS. The woman's done enough damage to daytime.
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