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  1. I don't think Sally's Y&R stint was a failure by any means. She had the herculean job of returning Y&R to some semblance of Bill Bell's vision, which I believe she did. It probably took longer than she expected, and audiences are impatient these days. Also, her tenure began so quickly that she didn't have much time to plan long term (according to an interview with her, she was just coming off her brother's death when the Y&R offer was made, and she pretty much started overnight). Were their missteps? Yes. But Y&R was at least recognizable, unlike the ridiculous, adolescent nons
  2. Okay. I'd like the moderator(s) to step up here. If Jonnysbro is going to say that MY tweaked SS's material the last few weeks and this is the reason for the ratings bump, I'd like to know Jonnys source(s). He continues to make these "in the know" pronouncements but never, when challenged, addresses questions about his source(s). He deflects, or ignores, and continues to post unsubstantiated crap. I think the moderator(s) has an obligation to ask all posters who make similar claims to give their sources, or risk having their posts pulled. That would pretty much reduce Jonnys contributions to d
  3. The "transition" from Sally's writing to Mal's was brutal. His "style," if you can call it that, seems a lot like JFP and Pratt's: plot contrivances, shocking "twists," with a little humor thrown in (the Phyllis/Billy scenes were interesting in a different way), with little attention to transitions or playing the emotional beats. The show seems very uneven (Paul's character, in two days, has been savaged). Maybe he'll fix it, or since he learned American soaps under JFP, maybe he won't care and just jam more plot at the viewers, hoping to regain a lost audience. We'll see what happens, but it'
  4. Agreed. Shelly's no better at storytelling with Chris than she was with Jean. GH is in desperate need of a creative overall from EP to the head writing team. No, Babes Bloom IS NOT THE ANSWER, but at this point I'm not sure what is. Apparently ABC isn't either or they would make changes. When you're losing viewers across all demos as GH did this week, it suggests that Shelly's "consistent approach to ratings" (whatever the hell that means) isn't working. GH needs a new head writing team STAT!
  5. Get help, Jonnysbro. Seriously. This isn't funny any longer. Get help, Jonnysbro. Seriously. This isn't funny any longer.
  6. Shelly's been at GH for how long now? When is this "amazement" going to start? Was your BFF Jean's presence as her co-head somehow holding Shelly's brilliance back all this time, and it will only be unleashed now that she's flying solo? Oh, and I'd love to see some quotes from her entire writing team about how much they adore her. You know, something real, not something you've made up. Come on. I dare you. Honest to god quotes from each team member. Prove what a hot shot, in the know dude you really are.
  7. "Cheering" for Jean's "iconic run in daytime"? What a laugh. The only people "cheering" (more like salivating) are you and Jerry, who writes, punctuates, spells and murders the English language just like you. Imagine the odds.
  8. Jonnysbro agreeing with himself. Man, will you never quit???
  9. You freaking liar! You have no idea what she "did to Janice and Natalie and everyone on the writing team..." You just make this crap up!! You may not like Sally, but for God's sake, dude, STOP LYING!!!! Also, spell check your posts! Learn some grammar!! It's like reading some four year old's post! (so offense to four year olds!)
  10. LOL!! Why would she poach Shelly when she fired her untalented butt before??? Seriously, Jonnysbro (yeah, we all know you and Jerry675 are one in the same).
  11. A loyal following of two: you and your alter ego 'Jerry'. Seriously, man, I'm gonna keep saying this in every reply to your posts: get a life. Run away with 'Jerry'. Have a torrid romance. Anything that keeps you away from your keyboard and the Jean and Shelly crap you obsessively post.
  12. You've said some shitty stuff on this board, but I find your comment about Ms. Alden to be a new low for you. If she's lost her "luster," as you so indelicately put it, why would you suggest she go back to B&B? Age has nothing to do with talent. Bill Bell and Agnes Nixon both wrote into their 70s. Finally, how do you know the Chloe reveal was based of CP stuff? Who told you that? Where did you read it? Cite your sources. Seriously, man, you have the right to your opinions, but you can't just make crap up and peddle it as fact. Get a grip. Get a life.
  13. You "think" Sally/Kay had free rein until such-and-such a time then CBS stepped in. You don't know that. It's total speculation on your part. You are compulsively driven to make posters believe you have inside knowledge when you don't. It's pathetic, man. Seriously, you need to take a break from posting, get a reality check. Was that the "Shelly" in your head, the one that talks to you and gives you all your inside scoops? The "Shelly" no one else sees or hears but you? Also, who gives a damn when Jean P announced her retirement? Most of the soap world is glad she's gone. You really n
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