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  1. He's always bored me, except for a couple of episodes when he was the Necktie Killer. There was a reason they made him a killer in the first place...
  2. I'm several weeks behind too. I catch up, and then the episodes pile up again. The weekly shade thrown at Sonny is the best thing about this board right now
  3. Of all the soap vets brought on to GH, no one feels more out of place than Michelle Stafford. I'm not even a Y&R viewer so I don't have that "baggage" when watching her on GH, yet she stands out. Ugh!
  4. Agreed. I usually like the slick back on most men but it's not a good look for him. But what always distracts me with his hair, regardless of how it's styled, are the side burns. I don't know but I think they look too big on him.
  5. That was the last era I loved. Nice to see someone else enjoyed it!
  6. And they still haven't explained that, have they?
  7. I wish she was playing Anjelica so we could forget about that awful Morgan Fairchild as the latest in the role.
  8. It has been reported that Frank Parker retired from DAYS in 2008 but Ken Corday mentioned in his book about letting FP go. I know some fans love to whine when soaps fire older vets but on DAYS they actually do it too little. Shawn Brady is one of the few older characters that had a good exit. Most of the older ones stick around way too long until they can't work anymore and then their characters die off-screen. Very lackluster.
  9. I like Lindsey, but I still think she should have been Stephanie. She is miscast as Sarah.
  10. I'm glad DAYS gave him a good exit when he could still perform. He looked fragile at the 50th anniversary party a couple of years ago. May he RIP.
  11. NBC cut DAYS budget with 40% in late 2008. Gary Tomlin came up with a way to work on that tight budget. It's much less than that. They used to have around one and half to two million as a weekly budget. And no, NBC is not cutting it yearly or it wouln't still be on the air. Yep. The show has had this low energy feel for almost 10 years now. Even during short time periods when the writing is good the poor production and directing just ruin it. As for the subject about Thaao. He did a podcast interview a couple of weeks ago and it sounded like he was just back for two more episodes. I guess as a ghost like we have seen several times this year. Did "We Love Soaps" make this return announcement simply based on Thaao's tweet from the set? Or do they know someting else?
  12. Nice to see Rolf again. I hated that Carlivati killed him off last year for no real reason. Kyle Lowder/Eric Martsolf jokes aside. Why does Brady not seem to know who Rex is? They knew each other in the past.
  13. GR's hair looks different in this pic compared to how it was styled on the show.
  14. I've never been a fan of BB but yeah, he's better than TC who always looks bored and bloated. But the character of Stefan is such a dud and he's been tied to Chad and Abby who are both leaving so whats the point? Given Vivian's past obsession with Lawrence and Nicholas (and to a lesser extent Philip), it never made senese to give her two sons (Quinn and Stefan). At the same time, I kinda like the idea of Stefano and Vivian sharing a child. But Stefan/TC is not what I had in mind. Use BB to tie up the story, reveal Stefan to be a conman and send him off.
  15. I read last Friday that TC was carried out of Burbank Studios on a stretcher because he was so drunk he couldn't stand.
  16. Steve Wilder (Jack Deveraux on DAYS in 1997-1998) had his scene cut from the new Predator movie after Olivia Munn found out about him being a registered sex offender. Director Shane Black knew about Steve Wilder doing time but has cast him in several of his films to "help a friend". http://www.pajiba.com/film_reviews/why-does-shane-black-keep-casting-steven-wilder-striegel-a-registered-sex-offender.php
  17. I will never get tired of villains lurking outside someones house or hiding in the bushes while eavesdropping, all as some evil music is playing in the background. I miss those type of scenes since soaps rarely do them anymore, DAYS was a master at them in the 90s.
  18. I thought it was because of the regime change. Most of the actors brought on by those writers were fired. Sarah, Ian Buchanan, Matthew Ashford, Christie Clarke, Patrick Muldoon.
  19. Apparently, Steve is arrested off-screen.
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