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  1. She did a good job filling in for Louise Sorel as Vivian. Not an easy task.
  2. Stefano did cut his losses with Marlena... when JER left as head writer. Stefano got more involved with other ladies again: Vivan, Celeste, Kate. Joe was happy with that because he was also tired of Stefano kidnapping Marlena so many times. JM thought the quality of the writing went down when Pat Falken Smith left as head writer. And that was like three months into his original run as Stefano, LOL. But like you said, he ran with it and played it with great gusto.
  3. Eileen Davidson doesn't want to be on DAYS.
  4. I just find that silly. I feel the same way when fans whine about the show "wasting" a set on characters they don't like. I mean... seriously?
  5. I meant too old for John. Not too old to be front and center in stories. Again, this is one of the things I've heard over the years. But I think the longer Reilly's tenure went on, the more power he had to write what he wanted to write.
  6. I haven't watched those years but it's my understanding that Alex was the main bad guy in 1979-80, no? But watching 1982 and onwards, he felt like a secondary antagonist taking orders from players like Stefano and Victor. I don't remember him doing much his last six months on the show after Emma's death. I think if it hadn't been for Quinn Redeker's portrayal, Alex would have been written out much sooner. Speaking of which, his exit, torching the Salem Inn and being taken away in handcuffs, felt kinda lame for a character who had been on for eight years. But then again it seemed like many long-term characters were tossed aside back then. Don and Neil being the two infamous none-exits. I have to say SSH was smoking hot when she returned in 1990.
  7. I've heard over the years that it was NBC who thought Marlena was too old for John but that Reilly was pro-J&M. Don't know what's true or not. But wasn't it after Maison Blanche and before the possession that John really courted Kristen when Tony was blind? I think he slept with Kristen before becoming a priest again. I only have 1994 episodes up until August so I haven't watched Sep-Dec since they aired. Going by memory here.
  8. I like Marie Wilson so I kinda liked Summer even if the story was crap. The biggest WTFery was that Maggie gave birth to Summer at the age of 17. So Summer should have been much older than Daniel, like really older. No way did I buy that.
  9. It's interesting to read the interview with Judi because in the final episode of the Days podcast, Ron said they couldn't really play Adrienne much because of Judi's other full time job (I think at a cemetery or something?). But he said they always have Bonnie. Frankly, I just don't think he cared about Adrienne. She's had that other job for years and it has never seemed to be a problem before when other writers gave her more screen time. Personally, I like Bonnie more than Adrienne so I hope to see her again.
  10. They tried that back in 2012 when Will worked for EJ. The smirking was even worse at that time.
  11. It was Brash and Cwikly who made Craig Chloe's father. Yep, and Corday allowed it for a long time because he and Langan had the same vision. Broderick did not, but I enjoyed her four week stint. She did some interesting ground work for certain characters, and some stories that had been dragging under Sussman-Morina were given a shot in the arm. Personally, I'm a fan of the Langan era even if I also see some of his faults.
  12. Never understood all the hoopla about JH, in acting or looks. CS can do better.
  13. I had some complaints when I first heard about the TimeJump, but now when I've watched it my problem isn't the jump itself. It's that I find the stories... boring. I actually enjoyed most of the stories that were playing out through the summer and fall so the TimeJump was unnecessary at this time for me.
  14. No, Tuscany however, became another "Alice's" in 2004 when Bonnie turned it into a country bar.
  15. That's not how soap ratings work in this day and age. Eric and Nicole ARE popular. Which is why the show throws obstacles in their way. But I'm with @Gray Bunny on this one. GV is boring. Original Doug's Place is not the same as the one we've seen in recent years! The Cheatin Heart WAS supposed to be in the seedy part in Salem, but the writers didn't care about that when Sonny changed it to Common Grounds. It was the same set with new colours and furniture. It was when Sonny and Chad later changed it to Club TBD that the set changed and looked completely different (and ugly IMO). Renamning it Doug's Place didn't change it's location or the ugliness. This is correct. And just to add. When Sonny and Chad first started Common Grounds Ian McAllister was an anonymous investor. Eduardo Hernandez bought the club and had Dario run it. I don't remember if Dario took ownership when Eduardio went to prison.
  16. I'm not implying anything, it was a question so calm down. Your interpretation of Craig is exactly how I saw him his first year on the show. Nancy even said early on that she would take her daddy's money and leave if Craig didn't become COS. But that whole dynamic changed once Chloe came along and Craig and Nancy's main purpose on the show were as her parents.
  17. It was actually JS and AS who had a meeting with TPTB and demanded that EJami were given a real chance as a couple, or so I've heard. But you are right when Tomlin and Whitesell took over as head writers after MarDar they were going back to Rafe and Sami. And then poof, Rafe walked around aimlessly for months until that random thing with Kate and then he spent a long time in a coma. Enter Jordan which eventually fizzled. During Tomlin/Whitesell's last year as writers Rafe was a manager at Victor's club. TPTB really seemed to struggle to keep Rafe relevant once Safe ended in 2012. Because?
  18. To my suprise I'm actually looking forward to this.
  19. And it's the original actress who played Susan before the role was recast. I hope he is the surprise. After all, Lauren recently posted about him on instagram. Ugh, no!
  20. It requires you to list a TV provider or sign up for subscription. Surely I can't be the only one on message boards who download the episodes of soaps?
  21. Can anyone pinpoint me in a direction where I can watch GH episodes online that aren't geo-blocked outside the US? The place I used to download from no longer uploads GH episodes.
  22. Maybe his time frame was about writing or shooting the episodes? Because like you said it started right before Christmas on-screen. I recently tweeted to Greg Meng (co-executive producer and creator of the app) about the geo-blocking, and many others have done the same. He liked our tweets so hopefully they're working on it, but so far no luck. It's not just Canadians but everyone outside the US.
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