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  1. Such a great people we have Thank you Our precious Heros for All Episodes You Uploaded
  2. @rsclassicfanforeverand our all Angels / Heros Thank you so much.. Thanks to you I can watch the episodes I've never seen @Heartless Angel Thank you we would be happy if you can share your B&B collection with us. . http://bit.ly/3kMIjRN Here Our angels share episodes . For me every episodes Susan Flannery on is precious .
  3. Thank you so much everyone who uploaded episodes. I know we will have episodes of all B&B seasons
  4. Wow new episodes never seen Thank you so much Angel- Hero and @skebujebu Thank you @Marquisefor those great pics of B&B
  5. Stephanie' s look was beautiful and she was charming in 1987 and half of 1988 , her syle, make up clothes... wow!!! She was stunning. Then she or Bell changed it. I don't know why. Even her hair syle , color changed. I don't say she wasn't beautiful that way. But she was gorgeous and something happened then her look changed. Maybe Susan's personal decision it was. I don't know. Bell could have used Stephanie's beauty, but never did. B&B had beautiful cast , and Bell used them but Stephanie's affair or romances went short. ... Bill & Margo was boring for me. Bill had always interests
  6. I've always liked to watch episodes of 90s. Nice and rare stories we had. Sally's pregnancy, Taylor& James, Taylor& Omar , Stephanie's homeless stories were amazing. I agree with you I wish we had Bill & Steph story much more. But Bill's decision was focusing on another stories. For example I never understood why Brooke married Eric. It was clear She didn't love him .... Btw Thank you so much for new episodes from 1991
  7. I have feeling that someday we will have all episodes from 1900s and 2000s thanks to Angels/Heros Thank you som much to uploaders. Now I'm living one of my dreams @MarquiseYou're Welcome
  8. @Soapie34 Welcome to the board Just got some old photos of B&B . Not HQ pics but untagged at least
  9. @Jennybold1974 Welcome to the board I'm glad if I could help you
  10. New episodes from 1991 !!!! Stephanie 's homeless story finally Thank you so much
  11. Thank you so much Angels- Heros. Thank to you I have my dreams now (watching old B&B episodes So I've never seen them) I hope we can have Stephanie's homeless strory. I've always watned to see them in better quality .
  12. I sent email and my account's been aprroved. He can send email to those adresses. And Thank you so much Our Heros and Angels. God Bless Them I sent email and my account's been aprroved. He can send email to those adresses. And Thank you so much Our Heros and Angels. God Bless Them
  13. Thank you soooo much I love Susan she is a great actress
  14. I'm confused but Thank you guys. I hope we have problem on numbers 1994 episodes only
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